Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Ancient Ritual - The Way Is Opened

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Forces of the Abyss
VS The Trident Realm of Neritica

It was a brutal battle between the Trident Realms and the Abyssals. Though the ranged harpooners and warmachines tried their best, they simply could not line up shots well enough to combat the Succubi and their devious ways.

The Lord of Lies, angered at the upstarts before him would unleash lightning bolts into the Siren, wavering her on turn one. Afterwards he would fly over and crash into her, beating her into submission before shredding her form.

The Efreet pair would glide across the forest floor, flames licking at the trees as they used a regiment of Succubi for cover. When the time was right, they unleashed torrents of flame upon the water folk. Unused to the intense heat, the Trident forces would die in agony as their flesh melted away. The Efreets would later on flank a horde of Gigas, roasting them within their shells.

A regiment of Flamebearers would fire their bolts through the tree trunks, putting a few wounds before they pounced on an out of position unit of frogs. With their attacks in the flank, and the Succubi in the front, victory was all but assured.

Speeding through the battle lines, the Abyssal Temptress completely devastated the plans of the enemy. Her Wind Blast scattered them, throwing the Warmachines out of position and keeping the inspiring presences away from where it was needed.

By the time the Trident Realms were able to approach the Abyssal line, it was too late. The fiends held four objectives to the Tridents zero. Two rounds of slashing blades later, the remaining Tridents collapsed to the forest floor with their entrails spilling from wounds.

Though they tried to stop it, the Abyss would not be denied their Nightstalker allies.

The Abyss would move on to their next battle with their forces intact, having suffered no casualties.

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Forces of the Abyss