Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The wall, methinks, being sensible, should curse again

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Forces of the Abyss
VS Kingdoms of Men

Oh this was a painful game for certain on the Abyssal Side.

Turn one started out fantastically in all regards. The wounds suffered from the Brotherhood shooting were regenerated back by the Abyssal Guard. The combined firepower of both Efreet, the Archfiend with Lightning Bolt and the Abyssal Champions Lightning Bolts as well obliterated a unit of Knights, leaving nothing but ash and the occasional horseshoe. While to the left, the Tortured Souls Horde crashed into another unit and trampled the, spectral weapons leaving deep gashes in flesh and absorbing their life force.


That was when it all turned around in an instant.

Turn two saw the most elite knights charge and rout the Souls in one round. A unit of Abyssal Guard would get caught behind a melee between two tarpit hordes and be unable to assist.

A unit of Hellhounds (or Heck Hounds as they are now affectionately called) would die to flying knights and the speedbump Succubi Troop would follow suit to a dual charge from Swain and another Hero on horse.

Both Flamebearer regiments would try and contain that side of the table but alas, the Archfiend and other Hellhound troop would fail to rout the elite knights. The second Guard regiment and Abyssal Champion would then fail to rout another Brotherhood hero.

Unit after Unit from the Abyssals would fall and before very long, there were no units with a hard enough punch to be effective.

A sigh, a shake of the head, and then a sad concede.

I do hate to concede, I prefer to fight to the bitter end. But sometimes when the writing is that clear on the wall, you just throw in the towel and gather what is left of your forces to rally for the next battle.

The Abyssals will crush the Brotherhood soon enough, but for today... The Wall Stands.

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