Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The Abyss Widens - The Brotherhood Scattered

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Forces of the Abyss
VS Kingdoms of Men

When the Abyss first widened the Brotherhood felt it the most in the practical sense. Fortresses toppled into the chasm and countless more were taken as slaves.But not all would go down so easily. A valiant effort was put forth to stem the tide and buy time for reinforcements and to get the wounded to safety.

After a long bloody battle, the Forces of the Abyss were able to punch through a line of Brotherhood forces and make their way further into the countryside, ready to take advantage of any unfortunate soul that they came across.

Turn 1:

The Abyssal Champion charged and wiped out the Brotherhood Siege Engine. A few units moved up into position.

The Brotherhood's remaining long range rained down on a unit of flame bearers, getting to rout on the first time. The rest of the knights moved up, while Villein Spearmen took up a defensive spot behind an obstacle. The Order of the Forsaken moved into a flanking position.

Turn 2:

Both Regiments of Succubi and Gargoyles charge the Villein Spearmen and rout them.

The order of the Abyssal Hunt flank and rout an out of position unit of Succubi. Two Brotherhood Heroes charge and waiver the Abyssal Champion and temptress. The Order of Redemption and Forsaken Beast charge the Tortured Souls, the Beast fails to land a single hit, allowing the Souls to remain fast. Order of the Brotherhood charge Gargoyles and fail to rout them.

Turn 3:

Both Efreets cast fireball at the Order of the Abyssal Hunt and rout. Order of the Brotherhood on Foot are flanked by Succubi and front charged by Gargoyles, they rout in one turn.

Order of Redemption finally rout the Tortured Souls. Exemplar of the Abyssal Hunt routs Temptress.

Turn 4:

Abyssal Champion stops fighting the Exemplar Redeemer and routs the Abyssal Hunt Exemplar.

Brotherhood fail to rout anything.

Turn 5:

Tortured Souls charge the Order of Redemption and barely get them to rout. Succubi rout the regiment of Villein Archers.

Brotherhood fail to rout anything.

Turn 6:

Molochs destroy the remaining Siege Engine.

Order of Forsaken and Exemplar Redeemer finally rout the Lord of Lies after 4 rounds of combat.

Turn 7:

More fireballs rout the Exemplar Redeemer while the Abyssal Champion tries to rout the Order of the Forsaken.

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Forces of the Abyss