Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Mountain Clash - The Abyssals Advance

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Forces of the Abyss
VS Elves
The Elven Forces stare down the advancing Abyssal Hordes. Grim determination fills them during the staredown, they must hold the line.
The Elven battleline fully assembled, a strong flank with nimble flankers was a strong deployment by their commander. But will the Green Lady and the fellow mages be able to keep up their sustaining magic?
The Abyssals halt momentarily to take in the sight of those who would dare stand in their way. Ba'Su'Su and his Gargoyles are eager to tear into the elven flesh, while the Abyssal Temptress Kai'les takes to the air, her powerful wind magic ready to disrupt the enemy plan.
The Tortured Souls from the Abyss were forced to do battle once more. Their powerful attacks too much for a regiment of elven archers to endure, yet their Cavalry and Guard brethren would swiftly put the menace down in a devastating attack. The archers would be avenged.
A fell screech tore the air asunder as Ba'Sa'Su and his followers dove down from the heavens into the fray. Heavy, crushing blows would kill several elves but still they stood defiant! Alas, though they landed a great many blows upon the Gargoyles themselves it proved useless as whatever foul magic animated them swiftly mended wounds. With a cruel, echoing laugh Ba'su'su took back to the air to chase down a fleeing mage...A regiment of Succubi seemingly dancing into the fray beside the Gargoyles in his place. This time, the elven defenders would not be so lucky.

A brutal battle and one the elves will be remembering for ages to come (if they have that long). Every elf that stood defiant was struck down or captured for the amusement of the Succubi and their leader.

The Hellhound Troop and Tortured Souls Horde were the only Abyssal forces to fall during the battle, both doing their part to keep the elven commander busy while the hammer of the abyssals struck with a mighty blow.

With the archers disrupted and the Abyssal Temptress utilizing Wind Blast to rearrange the enemy to her own desire, the Lower Abyssals and Succubi were able to make it across the field of battle without much incident.

The Efreet pair glided wherever they pleased, unleashing infernos with barely a gesture as a group of Flamebearers backed them up, Firebolts piercing through Elven armor like water.

The elves, flanked and disoriented, fell to the might of the Abyss.


Regeneration on the Flamebearers and Gargoyles:
Both units were nearly routed, coming within a single number or two. However surviving that, they regenerated back to near perfect health by the end of the game.

Abyssal Temptress with Wind Blast and the Zephyr Crown:
Movement 10 with Wind Blast 10 as well proved critical in keeping the elves from getting the charge on many units. At the end of the battle, it was also crucial in pushing the Green Lady out of cover and into the firing arc of both Efreet, and the Flamebearer Regiment.

They charged and wavered a flying prince, were themselves flanked by elven cavalry but only suffered a single wound from it. They were able to charge and waver the prince again, the elf cavalry again only inflicted 3 more wounds and wavering the Hounds. They would hold up that flank on their own for near 4 turns.

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Forces of the Abyss