Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Collin von Carsteins Ruling Chaper 3

Collin Von Carstein
VS Ogres

Things are going according to plan. With the Abyss spreading, and the Abyssal Dwarfs building their bridge, I was going to rule the land of Mantica. It is now time for the third part of my family's dream. Let me explain.
. . .
Before the Ahmunites were condemned to dust by the Ophidians, their distinctive needle-like boats could be seen sailing the rivers and canals of Mantica. Yet, as the Empire grew and turned its hungry gaze towards the northern lands, the Ahmunite Pharaohs tasked their undead slaves with building a great fleet on the banks of Hokh-Man. Hundreds of ships were loaded with terrible cargo, ready to sail northwards when the cataclysmic Ophidian sandstorm hit. The boats and their crew were buried beneath the sand... seeming forever.
But as the spreading Abyss spews its terrible magic across Mantica, the Ahmunite High Priests finally have the power they need to raise the fleet from its sandy grave and set sail across the Infant Sea. I needed to let that happen. However, their plans have not gone unnoticed and the tides themselves recoil at the thought of such a terrible nave taking to the water. The Trident Realm has been stirred from its watery depths and has called upon its allies to smash the ghastly fleet once and for all. That made me very mad to my skull. The fleet must rise.
Yet, so close to Ophidia, all armies should be careful, lest they awake a more powerful foe than the Abyss. That is what I need.
The Army I tried to stop are the ogres. They moved up a bit to try to get an advantage. The goblins and the ogre captain shot my Calvary, but only did a little bit of damage. The Calvary still stand proud. We then moved up a bit to start a charge attack.
This part has made me very mad. The ogre Boomers moved up and they tried to shot me. I blocked with my shield. I still got a little bit of damage. But I still managed to get up. My army then advanced. I tried to move my revenants up to a charge, but that made them go only a few feet. My Calvary however, didn't let me down. They charged the ogre warriors and did a lot of damage to them. The ogre warriors then wavered. Good for me and my army.
The time has come to finish the job of restoring the undead fleet. However, the ogres came at us fast. The ogre captain tried to shoot me. I only got a tiny amount of damage. I am still fine. The goblins charged my Calvary from the side. They fought hard but only did a tiny amount of damage to my Calvary. My Calvary still stand proud. The ogre Boomers charged my revenants. They got damaged, but still stand. As my army advanced, I tried to make my zombies go further. This could be a great opportunity for me and my army. My revenants charged the ogre Boomers, but only did a tiny amount of damage. However, my Calvary charged the ogre warriors again. This time they killed the warriors. That made me so happy.
Now the ogres are really mad. The captain shot over his goblins into my knights, but my knights still lived. The goblins tried shooting at my Calvary, but failed as well. Then the ogre Boomers charged my revenants. My revenants still managed to get up. My knights then charged the goblins. They killed all the goblins in one blow. That is something good to me. Then my revenants charged the ogre Boomers. On the side of the Boomers, my zombies charged as well. Both of my armies killed the Boomers. That made me smile with greed. The revenants and zombies turned towards the ogre captain. He is the only one left. I was smiling so much, my teeth could break. No one can stop me!!
The ogre captain is determined to win. He charged my zombies and did damage to them. However, my zombies still lived. My zombies charged while my other forces prepared to charge the ogre captain. The captain suffered from my zombies. He still stands, but not for long! I was smiling with pride.
The ogre captain tried to crush my zombies, but thankfully failed. Then my zombies, Calvary, and revenants charged the ogre captain. They killed him in one blow. I was so delighted at that time.
I looked to see the fleet come back up. They are now heading for the Infant Sea, ready to spread their ancient disease across Mantica. I was smiling with pride. The third part of my family's dream is complete. I looked until the fleet disappeared, then I left to continue the dream.

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