Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The Triumph of Terror

Collin Von Carstein
VS Ogres

The first part of the good, disgusting, foul creatures to save Mantica is to save the Dwarf Domain. I was furious of that. It was time for me to start my second part of my family's dream. The Dwarf Domain must fall.
Let us start at the beginning. For centuries the Abyssal Dwarfs have looked southwards from the towers of Tragar with envious gazes. The Homelands of their weak kin, the Dwarfs, are full of magnificent treasures that should, by rights, belong to the Abyssal Dwarfs!
Now drums can be heard throughout the city of Tragar as the Abyssal Dwarfs prepare for war. Spurred by the terrible energies spewing from the spreading Abyss and aided by unlikely allies, such as myself, and goaded into combat by the thrill of spilling more blood, the Abyssal Dwarfs are more determined than ever.
. . .
After pushing through the Halpi Mountains, their aim is to construct an obscene, golden bridge across The Great Cataract, allowing their forces to finally march into the ancient halls of Caeryn Golloch and conquer the Dwarfs once and for all. That will go pleasant with my family's evil plan. I have to help them bring down the Dwarfs Domain once and for all.
The sheer size of the Abyssal Dwarf army however, has led King Golloch to do the unthinkable to his race. This made me want to say a battle cry. Golloch has asked the help of other less 'noble' races of Mantica. Those forces charged the Abyssal Dwarfs and my army. We stood up to an army we think I can crush. My old friends, the ogres.
The ogres came in like crazy. The captain and some Boomers fired their weapons. The captain stayed in his position while the Boomers advanced a little bit. They shot at my Calvary, but my Calvary got back on their feet. Then the goblins fired at my zombies with their bows. However, my zombies survived. We just got a little bit closer so we can get a heads up for our charge attack.
The Abyssal Dwarfs are doing the best they can to try to stop the other good armies. We are getting good. However, the ogre Boomers and the captain fired at my Calvary again. They took a lot of damage, but they thankfully survived. The goblins tried to shoot and kill my zombies again. The goblins failed to stop my zombies again. While my army advanced, I climbed to the top of a hill to see how the battle is going. My Calvary charged the ogre Boomers and killed them in one blow. I was smiling with pride.
The ogres let out a raging battle cry. They got ready to deal with my army. The captain helped the goblins shoot at my zombie minions, but they thankfully survived. The ogre warriors then charged my Calvary. Thankfully, my Calvary survived. The Calvary then charged the ogre warriors. On the side of the ogre warriors, my revenants charged as well. Both of my flanks killed the ogre warriors. I was invincible. I then climbed down the hill to prepare myself for a charge.
We saw the Abyssal Dwarfs crushing their opponents. Things are going according to plan. However, the ogres are now shooting like crazy. The captain shot at my Calvary and killed them. The goblins even shot and killed my zombies. I was so mad at that time, that I drew out my sword and shield quickly, let out a battle cry, and charged at the goblins. I sliced and diced them, but they still lived. Then my revenants charged the ogre captain. He still lived, but not for long. It's time to give the remaining ogres what they deserve!
The goblins went first on me. They brought back their bows, aimed at me in close combat and fired at me. I tried to defend myself with my shield, but I still got damaged. I was still able to battle. I put up my sword, took a swing, and did more damage to them. I did manage to waver them. My next attack may be able to kill them. I also used my attack to heal myself. I then saw the ogre captain swung at my revenants and did damage to them. I was furious at that time. Luckily, my revenants did damage right back at the captain and that managed to heal them. The ogre captain is almost ready to fall. I was invincible.
I saw the Abyssal Dwarfs crushing the other good armies. I was smiling with pride. The Abyssal Dwarfs may be able to crush the Dwarfs. I like that. The goblins flinched on me, but the captain didn't flinch on my revenants. He swung with all his might on my revenants. They still managed to get themselves up. They went at the captain as well, and they finally managed to kill the captain. I made another swing at the goblins, but they still stand. However, they are still flinched. That I am proud of.
I decided to kill the goblins to help the Abyssal Dwarfs. Time for my big finishing swing. But, from the goblins side, my revenants charged as well. This is my ticket. The revenants fought with all their might, but only did a tiny amount of damage to them. I guess it's up to me to finish the goblins. I swung my sword and slashed through them. And at last, they fall in defeat.
I looked and saw some of the good armies retreating. We emerged victorious. I resurrected my undead army and went to the Abyssal Dwarf leader. He was so happy at me for defeating the ogres. He also said that he and his army will build the bridge they mentioned before to invade Abercarr. I wished the Abyssal Dwarfs the best of luck.
Now that my second part of my family's evil plan is complete, I now needed to work on my third part. It is time to get serious.

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