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Trident Vs Undead - Push

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The Trident Realm of Neritica
VS Undead
Peter Spiller

Undead vs Trident Realms - Push

Half way through Turn 1

Basic Report....

We rolled three loot tokens, he put all three on his rev infantry, I put my three on my Ensnarer horde with Dwarven Ale, figuring the headstrong could come in handy late game (it didn't)

He went first and pushed everything forward, his wyrm and werewolves shot down my right flank while his other wyrm and infantry horde threatened my left with everything else going down the middle
All of this speed unfortunately meant he was guaranteed multiple charges on turn two against my centre and left flank but I wasn't ready for that yet so on my turn I pulled back a little, using Ecktars KrakenMaw to push the rev Cav out of forest and out of LoS. I performed a little dance with my Thuul to corner his werewolves and limit landing options of his Wyrm. Unfortunately he had placed his wraiths in a position where in order to avoid them charging my Thuul in the flank, it opened a prime spot for his Wyrm to land in, therefore threatening the flank of my Ensnarer carrying the loot...ooops!

I proceeded to move cautiously, avoiding, where possible, sneaky surge charges in the flank. On my left a charge from a regiment of wraiths into one of my banes ended up only doing 3 wounds despite triple attacks (ensnare and cover ftw!!) Meanwhile his Wyrm on the left flew over everything, landing behind my lines, thankfully facing the board edge so unable to threaten me until turn 4.

Things weren't looking great at this stage, I had a flying monster in my back lines and one of my hordes were about to be multi charged by three units and it was only turn 2!

I positioned my ensnarer hordes so only front charges were available - or so I thought - turned my left Riverguard unit around to face the Wyrm now in my rear while my riverguard troop on the right moved out to tempt the other wyrm into a front charge. Seeing I had over committed on my right, I turned one of my Thuul troops around to charge the Wyrm on my next turn, providing he took the bait and charge my Riverguard Troop. Meanwhile, on my right, I had the werewolves cornered and charged my Thuul regiment into their front while maneuvering the other troop around the forest for a flank charge next turn. Deciding the undead Wyrm on my right was the biggest threat, I shot all I had at it, including the Krakenmaw, unfortunately rolling pretty well and inadvertently pushing him back far enough as to open my riverguard troop to a flank charge in the following turn! double oops!

The following turn was a mixed bag, my Ensnarer horde on the left got triple charged by cav and wraiths in the front and due to sneaky surging, charged in the flank by the other wraith Reg. On the plus side the unit was in cover and even with 40+ attacks, were only able to inflict 12 wounds and thankfully he rolled poorly for nerve check. Hooray.
The werewolves fared little better against the Thuul so no change there. The Wyrm on the right charged the riverguard in the flank, deleting them and elected to reform to face a front charge from the Thuul troop next turn.

I followed up with a flank charge from my loot carrying niaids on the wraith unit that had charged the front of my now badly damaged ensnarers while they counter charged the cav in front of them. The RG on my left charged the Wyrm who had been unable to get out of range in the following turn, my Thuul cleaned up the werewolves on the right and reformed and my thuul troop charged the other wyrm who had just eaten my RG Troop.

The flanked Wraiths broke (hooray) but the rev cav remained despite rolling well to wound. This meant the counter charge from the cav coupled with a flank from the Rev infantry Horde broke the unit, while the wraiths who had been on the flank, flew over and were surged into my loot carrying ensnarers who were inches from claiming the objective.

It was at this point the game swung in my favour. Even though one of my ensnarer hordes was dead and the other stuck in combat with a wraith regiment, while a cav reg and infantry horde faced down upon them, they weren't very well positioned due to reforming in a tight space and meant none of them were in a position to charge my ensnarers next turn. In addition to that, the wraiths that had surged into my niaids were hindered in addition to being ensnared and only managed three wounds meaning I had at least another turn to get rid of them before being multi charged and therefore ending any hopes i had of winning.

As the Rev cav were already injured I aimed all of my shooting at them and between the Heartpiercers, Ecktar and both banes they were routed. In addition to this I also moved my Envoy to 1" of the rev infantry, ensuring they wouldn't reach my embattled ensnarers for at least one more turn. Meanwhile my RG and Thuul were doing their best to keep the two undead wyrms at bay, the Thuul routing the Wyrm on the right and reforming while the Riverguard chipped away slowly at the other wyrm, wavering it twice in as many turns. Had it not been for those rolls, my Riverguard would have died much sooner and the Wyrm free to rear charge my Ensnarers.

Turn 6 and the Rev infantry were still holding the loot in my deployment zone, once again I aimed all I had at them and finally routed them, dropping their loot and with nothing close enough to pick it up, my Ensnarers finally routed the Wraiths, but were unable to punch through two Liche kings in turn 7 to make it across the halfway line the game ended in A DRAW!

After counting attrition it ended in a victory for the Trident Realms! :)

Really enjoyable game with close moments and real tactical genius and blunders from both sides.

I balls'd up my deployment, over committing the Thuul formation, which I love fielding now btw, to my right flank but I couldn't allow those nimble Werewolves an opportunity to encircle me.

For the scenario i should have focused on a flank to PUSH the loot carriers over the halfway line sooner, but with all those flying surging beasts I was worried about exposing my flanks.

I was surpised at first how it had turned around but I guess thats the bonus of having more cheap units kicking about, I could afford to lose a unit but every unit he lost was a big blow and once the centre was tangled up for him , I was able to bring my shooting to bare and delete his already wounded units.

It's funny how TR play, they're not fast, tough or strong, but laying traps is what they seem to do best, as once I had him fighting on my terms he was pretty unable to do anything to me, undead's pants melee helped here immeasurably meaning he was generally needing 5's or 6's to hit which ultimately saved me from total annihilation on turn three.

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