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The Battle to End All Battles 1 of three reports

The League of Rhordia
VS Ratkin

This is the big Battle to end all Battles.

The line-up for team good left to right was:
Chopper Harris facing Bad Elf
Changalangalanga facing Villa Dragon
Purple Elf facing Mortan
Bazzatron facing Robert

It was a solid victory for team Good who's final points were as follows (all starting with 1k each):
Chopper - 670
Changalangalanga - 1,000
Purple Elf - 335
Bazzaton - 650

Team Evil ended:
Bad Elf - 160
Villa Dragon - 0
Mortan - 450
Robert - 460

Chopper and Bad Elf ended up cancelling each other out of the game with Chopper gaining the upper hand from the middle of the rounds, but effectively stopped each other from helping out their team-mates.

In the centre, the stars of the show were Changalangalanga and Purple Elf, who's aggressive tactics saw her nearly take out two armies on her own with wave after wave of purple (and glittery) Elves attacking both Mortan's Undead and Villa Dragon's Abyssal Dwarves.
Changalangalnaga joined Purple Elf from turn 3 onwards to double team against Villa Dragon once he got his monsters across the board to wipe Villa Dragon out and threaten both Bad Elf and Mortan in the later stages.

Purple Elf continued her attacks on Mortan and found some units spare in the end to threaten Robert who had begun to turn the tide against Bazzatron on team Good's right. Bazzatron made some good early gains, but Robert is a cunning opponent and manouvered well to gain some advantage to pull things back, but once Purple Elf's units joined in, it became all about survival.

Great game and we look forward to doing this again sometime in the near future.

It's been an amazing campaign and I hope Mantic will run another one like this!

BIG thank you to both Mantic and Beasts of War!

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The League of Rhordia