Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

2000K points On the Precipice

2000+ POINTS
The League of Rhordia
VS Abyssal Dwarfs

Wellington deployed the 95th Rifles in support of the Hobbiton Archers and Spears. The Battle Shrine behind the firing line and the Volley Gun at the edge of the deployment zone.
The Hobbit mounted scouts, Honour Guard, Hussars (House Cavalry) and Hobbit Iron Beast deployed on the right, with Wellington himself leading the charge.
Opposite the Abyssal Dwarves set up their battle line and charge forward in the first turn.
Rhordia held back on the first turn willing the Dwarves and Golems forward and inflicted a good number of wounds in the shooting phase, but failed to remove any casualties.
Turn 2 and the Dwarves and Golems were closing in and it was in this turn the fast moving cavalry and Wellington on Arelaz seized the opportunity and hit the dwarves hard on their left flank with great success.
Having broken through the Dwarven left flank, the remaining forces were open to flank and rear charges. Such was the ferociousness of the combined cavalry, machine and Arelaz charges the Dwarves were banished from the battlefield by the end of turn 5 with very little losses to the Rhordian faction.

Thank you James for being such a good sport and for an enjoyable battle.

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The League of Rhordia