Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

2000K points On the Precipice

2000+ POINTS
The League of Rhordia
VS Abyssal Dwarfs

This was a much closer battle than the first one.
The Dwarves held their centre well and avoided being flanked this time, but the Alliance of Wellington, Major Sharpe, Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf prevailed.

Thanks to James for a really fun battle. Look forward to our next one at Hokh-Man!

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The League of Rhordia


  • Bad Elf says:

    Also, me and Villadragon haven’t have had a proper game yet. I wanna see how that would go

  • Bad Elf says:

    Congrats on the victory cuz, but you’ve still yet to beat him with his new 2K army

  • Darth Toiletroll says:

    Two of my favourite armies fighting.

  • ChopperHarris says:

    The Halflings are from a company called Westfalia. Top quality models and fit well with this army.
    It would be good if Mantic supply the models too though.

  • ChopperHarris says:

    There were some interesting moments.
    I will be posting a battle report, which I have written and lost on a flash drive somewhere.
    Of course playing halflings, it’s always very hilarious when a small unit of hobbits go toe to toe with a massive horde of hard hitting Obsidian Golems on a suicide/protect the centre from being charged mission and actually surviving more than one turn in combat.

  • Corathan says:

    Any super interesting moments occur during the battle?

  • Bad Elf says:

    Looking forward to it Chopper.
    Well done James on giving you a hard fought battle.

  • Purple Elf says:

    Iron Beast looks really good.
    That’s an old Empire Steam tank conversion, but where did you get the halflings inside?

  • Mortan says:

    Nice Models.
    Can you put a full battle report on here?

  • ChopperHarris says:

    The Re-Match.
    A Battle Report will be posted eventually.
    Next up Undead then revenge on Bad Elf’s Kin & Orcs!