Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

1k skirmish at Rhyn Dufaris

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The League of Rhordia
VS The Empire of Dust

This was another short and fierce battle with heavy casualties suffered by the Empire of Dust.

It was over in four turns with a solid victory for Rhordia. Rhordia's dice were certainly kind while Darth Waugh's were less forgiving.

The Empire of dust set up defensively and got a few wounds on the Lancers with their shooting from the Enslaved Guardians.

The Balefire Catapult failed to hit anything.

The Rhordian forces, which were mostly cavalry and Wellington on a Winged Arelaz charged head on into the Empire of Dust's ranks and overwhelmed them,

The battle ended with the Empire of Dust losing all units to no units lost to the League of Rhordia.

Thank you to Darth Waugh who was a really good sport. We are going to look at his army list together to see if we can make it a little more robust and competitive.

If any Empire of Dust players have any suggestions, please let us know.

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The League of Rhordia


  • ChopperHarris says:

    Dark Elf- you gave me a good beating on our game though. Your Twilight Kin and Orcs are a solid army list.
    Darth Waugh- terrain can be your friend. Unhindered charges won this one for me.
    The fences and walls would have helped.

  • Bad Elf says:

    Once again ChopperHarris… complete… annihilation

  • Alphie says:

    Yeah! ChopperHarris, your Goat Riders will rule Mantica !

  • DarthWaugh says:

    Keef Ditchards – Thanks for the advice. Chopper is a decent player. To be fair on him, he deployed his honour guard first and told me not to set up directly opposite and that I should use the cover on the left of all the buildings. I thought he meant he didn’t want me having a clear shot at his Honour Guard, so I didn’t pay any attention. But I see now from the feedback he was actually trying to help me! I have beaten him a couple of times when he’s been teaching me.

  • DarthWaugh says:

    Thanks Lit Wick! Glad to be on board and enjoying it!

  • Lit Wick says:

    And so the hobbyist ranks grow…

    Thanks for teaching those new to the game, @ChopperHarris! Welcome aboard, DarthWaugh!

  • Keef Ditchards says:

    Great report and pictures. I’m hardly an expert as I just started playing KoW myself. (It was this campign that sold me over) Would it help to have a few small units? Say skeleton warrior troops or something else. That being said, having read Chopper’s reports I know he is a good player to boot. So it might not help at all. 😛

  • ChopperHarris says:

    Thanks AlQuds. We talked about deployment and there was more scenery to the left of the Empire’s line. He said he wanted a clear line of sight for his shooting, but it helped me get into his lines within 2 turns and unhindered.
    Just off the picture at the top was some walls he could have deployed behind.
    All a good learning curve.

  • AlQuds says:

    Nice pictures and thanks for the report. If you want to hear some comments and suggestions on the EoD army composition a list of the forces that you played would be handy. Just looking at the pictures I also see the Rhodia army had fast units with thunderous charge that ran freely into their opponent. It would help the slower army if there was some difficult terrain or at least a hill that would separate the forces. In a free space a faster and more elite army will have an easier ride. This might be the major problem I see, likely more relevant than an exact army composition.

  • DarthWaugh says:

    Thanks for teaching me how to play Chopper and being patient with me, I’m really enjoying it.

  • Dark David says:

    Yeah, I was able to double charge them.
    Thanks for the game though Darth Waugh.

  • Mortan says:

    The Mummies are usually a solid choice

  • DarthWaugh says:

    Well played Chopper. I have had better luck with my list but yeah I think it needs changing.