Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

1k on the Twilight Glades

The League of Rhordia
VS The Empire of Dust
Darth Waugh
Set Up

6 more portals appeared on the Twilight Glades and Wellington gathered a small force of fast moving cavalry to help their Elven allies to prevent the nightmarish possibility of the Nightstalkers gaining control.

The Empire of Dust had also sent a small detachment to secure the portals and the two armies faced off determined to gain control of the glades.

Set up:

The iron beast took a portal immediately with the regiment of Halfling goat knights covering it's position.
The Hussars and Lancers took position on the left with Gandalf and Wellington in support to threaten the Empire of Dust's Right, where a regiment of Skellies were holding a portal.
The Balefire catapult was set behind a unit of Guardian archers and Standard bearer with the Mummies in position to take the centre portal.
On the Empire's right, a Horde of Enslaved Guardians looked to take the portal on the Empire's Left/League's Right.

Turn 1:
The Gurdians marched forward to take the portal in front of them, while the Mummies advanced to threaten the centre portal.
Nothing was in range for the Guardian archers and the Catapult missed the Iron Beast.

The League moved everything at the double on the left, with the Lancers taking the Portal on the Empire's right.

Turn 2:

The Hussars and Gandalf continued their advance on the far left while Wellington cut in towards the centre.

The Mummies took the centre portal while the Balefire Catapult missed it's target again.
The Enslaved Archers took a wound from Gandalf.

Turn 3:

The Hobbit Goat Riders bravely charged the Enslaved Guardians while Wellington flew to threaten a rear charge against them in the next turn.
The Hussars and Gandalf reached the Right Flank of the Empire to threaten the Skellies and to try to take the portal they were holding.

The Enslaved Guardians counter charged the Hobbit Goat Riders to deal only 4 damage, but the healing brew recovered one wound that the Hobbits had delivered to them and regained their last wound thanks to Life Leech.
On the Empire's right, the Skellies turned to receive the Hussars as did the Enslaved Archers.
The Balefire Catapult missed it's target again.

Turn 4:

Wellington rear charged the Enslaved guardians while the Hobbit Goat Riders charged the front to successfully remove them from battle.
The Hussars charged the Skellies and combined with soul drain from Gandalf, the Skellies were also taken from battle.
Two portals were successfully taken from the Empires grasp.

The Mummies turned to face Wellington.
3 wounds were inflicted on the Hussars from the Guardian Archers while the balefire catapult missed again.

Turn 5:

The Hussars charged the guardian Archers and with the support of Gandalf's Soul Drain destroyed the unit.
The Lancers rear charged the Mummies removing them from battle, while Wellington flew his Griffin over to claim the portal the Lancers had left.
All the portals were held by Rhordia at this point.

The Balefire catapult missed it's target. The Cursed High Priest charged the Hobbits and the Standard Bearer charged the lancers, both failing to wound.

Turn 6:
The Hussars charged and destroyed the Balefire Catapult.
Gandalf cast soul drain on the Standard Bearer and a caused a total of 5 wounds, followed by a double 6 and a re-roll of 11 to remove him from battle.
The Hobbit Goat Riders dealt seven wounds on the Cursed High Priest and he was also destroyed.

Victory for Rhordia and the Twilight Glades were secure....

for now.

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