Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

1.300 points at the Ardovikian Plain

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The League of Rhordia
VS Undead
Dark David

The League sent at detachment to help secure the Ardovikian Plain while the great wall is erected to keep the marauding Orcs at bay. The Undead met them head on as they hoped to interrupt construction.
Set up,
The centre of the League was held by the 95th, Hobbit Sorceress and Hobbit archers. The left flank defended by the Hobbit Spears and the right by the Braves.
Wellington, the Lancers and the Iron Beast positioned themselves wide of the Right flank.

The Undead had the Mummies, Skellies, Standard Bearer and Liche King and Werewolves in the Centre and the Soul Reavers, Wraiths and Cursed Pharaoh on the Right.

Rhordia Deployment
Undead Deployment

Turn 1:
Wellington, Iron Beast and Lancers advanced, while the the Archers pivoted and the Braves moved forward to intercept the threat of the Undead in the centre and left.
The 95th aim and inflict 1 wound on the Reavers.

Rhordia Movement

The undead send forward the Reaver Cavalry, Wraiths and cursed pharaoh on the Right. While the centre sent the Werewolves forward while the rest retreated left to make good use of the scenery, keeping the oncoming League Cavalry.

The Armies Moving Closer to Combat

Turn 2:
Wellington, Iron Beast and Lancers moved around the ruins to prepare a charge into the Mummies. The Braves and Hobbit Spears moved in front of the cavalry to protect them from the Wraiths and Reaver Cavalry.
The 95th hit the Reaver Cavalry for 6 wounds
The Archers hit 8 wounds on the Werewolves to remove them from battle before the Sorceress windblasts the Reavers back 5 inches and the Reavers waiver.
The Iron Beast’s flaming attacks fail to wound the Mummies.
The Wraiths fly over the Hobbit Spears and using the Diadem inflict one wound. The Cursed Pharaoh is in support of the Wraiths and the Mummies and Skellies prepare to be charged.

Turn 3:
Wellington and the Lancers charge the Mummies while the Iron Beast threaten the Skellies.
The Hobbit Sorceress casts soul drain and manages to inflict a total of 5 wounds, healing the Hobbit Spears, who turn to face the Wraiths. The Braves follow the Cavalry to dominate the Undead half of the battlefield.
The 95th fire one more wound on the Reavers and the Hobbit Archers fire at the Wraiths for 3 wounds.
The Iron Beast fires the breath attack on the Skellies for 2 wounds.
The Reaver Cavalry fail the nerve test and leave the battlefield, but the Wraiths pass theirs.
The Lancers deal a total of 14 wounds on the Mummies and Wellington deals 4 and they fail their nerve.

The Undead move the Wariths to the side of the Archers and do 2 wounds.
The Liche King moves into position to soul drain wellington for 1 wounds which is recovered with the Iron Resolve.
The Skellies charge the Lancers for 4, who get one back from Iron Resolve and the Cursed Pharaoh charges the 95th for 3 wounds.

Turn 4:
Wellington and co charge everything into the Skellies and destroy them.
The 95th counter charge the Pharaoh and the archers aim at the Wraiths for 4 wounds and destroy them.
The Hobbit Sorceress does 1 wound on the Cursed Pharaoh and heals the 95th for one and the 95th manage 4 wounds in combat.

At this stage the Undead only have the Cursed Pharaoh, The Liche King and Standard Bearer, who fled the field.

The Construction continued, but the threat of more attacks had not abated.

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The League of Rhordia