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The League of Rhordia
VS The Empire of Dust

After the victory over the Undead at Hokh-Man Wellington began to break camp, satisfied the Trident Realms would deal with the Empire of Dust’s infant navy.
After most of the hobbit had headed out and leaving mostly cavalry behind, work come from a picket line that the Empire had sent a small detachment to crush the remaining Rhordian forces.
Quickly, the cavalry mounted and Wellington astride his Griffin marched to meet their foe.
The Empire of Dust deployed a regiment of Guardian Archers in front of a catapult, supported by a horde of Guardians to their left.
A regiment of skellies and Mummies arrived to the right of the centre with a standard bearer and Cursed High Priest driving them forward.

Turn 1
The Hobbit Goat Riders, Hussars, Iron Beast, Lancers on demigryphs and Wellington himself moved forward threatening the Empire’s line. The Goat Riders shot at the mummies and dealt 1 wound.
The Empire were more aggressive than Wellington anticipated and immediately charged the Skeletons into the Hussars, dealing 2 wounds.
The Guardian Horde advanced in support of the Skellies.
The Bale Fire Catapult Misses.

Turn 2
The Hobbit Goat Riders moved to the right of the Empires line, allowing the Lancers to charge the Mummies who are double charged as Wellington flies into ensure the Mummies are crushed. 16 wounds and a good nerve roll takes the mummies out of the game.
The Iron beast used its fire attack on the Horde of guardians, dealing 1 wound. Gandalf put himself in range to soul drain the Skellies for 4 thanks to the super charged magic, healing the Hussars back to full health, who then proceed to cause 4 more wounds on the Skellies.
The Hobbit Goat Riders aim all their bows at the Cursed High Priest and miss every time.
The Hussars received a double charge from both the Skellies, countering and the Enslaved Guardians who manage a combined 11 wounds. A good nerve roll in the first instance to defeat the Hussars is re-taken with Galdalf’s inspiring presence and the second chance saw the Hussars survive.
The Guardian Archers deal two wounds on the Lancers, who pass their never test, recovering a wound.
The Balefire Catapult found it’s mark, dealing a devastating wounds to Wellington and his Griffin and this is enough to make him withdraw from the battlefield.

Turn 3
The Iron Beast and Hussars double charge the Guardian Horde dealing 5 wounds, which the Guardians just shake off.
The Lancers and Hobbit Goat Riders position themselves for a flank attack.
Gandalf cast Soul Drain on the Skellies dealing 4 wounds and heals the Hussars.

The Guardians take the healing brew, recovering 3 wounds and counter charge the Hussars, dealing 10 wounds, destroying the Cavalry. The Cursed High Priest heals 2 more wounds on the Guardians.
The Standard Bearer uses the War Bow of Kaba at Gandalf and deals 1 wound.
The Guardian Archers fire at the Lancers for 3 wounds and the Bale Fire Catapult manages to hit the Lancers for a further 3. The Honour Guard stand firm on the nerve test and recover a wound.
Rhordia, without the presence of Wellington and witnessing their Hussars being crushed, threw everything they had into the battle for the final stages in a real do or die moment.

Turn 4
The Lancers ferociously charged the Guardian Archers for 12 wounds, The Goat Riders charged the Balefire Catapult for 7 and the Iron Beast charged the Guardian Horde for 6 and Gandalf casting Soul Drain deals 1 wound on the Cursed High Priest.
This was a very successful turn for the League as only the Balefire Catapult survived the hand to hand combats.
The Cursed High Priest and Standard Bearer charged the Lancers, but only manage 1 wound between them.
The Balefire catapult was disordered an unable to fire to end turn 4 quickly.

Turn 5
Gandalf Charges the Standard Bearer, taking the Standard as a trophy for Rhordia. The Lancers Counter Charge the cursed High Priest who is crushed and the Hobbit Goat Riders finally deal with the Balefire Catapult.

A very short, aggressive, brutal and bloody battle with heavy losses on both sides, but the victory was secured by Rhordia.
The Survivors limped from the battlefield carrying Wellington and their captured standard with the knowledge that they had given their all for Rhordia and the forces of good in Mantica.

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The League of Rhordia