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Futher rat invasion !

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Chief Scriek Nightcleaver
VS Elves

The rat kin needed more wood for their warmachine and weapons, they needed to deeper in to the forest. But an elven force stod between them and their raw matrials. The warchief signaled for the attack, before the elves could get in to a better position.

Night Cleaver looked at his army in forest. Thinking about his early victory against the ogre. This times he would be facing elves.. but at least it would be those bloody hochlanders. They have been forever on his tail, sins the battle in dessert. Which he lost, but only because of the incompetent troops under his command. But it was more of a victory, he got his crystals. But now they need more timber, so it was yet time to advance into the forest. But it was a hard foe to face in forest, the elves. They soldiers where direct opposite of Nightcleavers own, skilled loyal. But of course he had numbers on his side. Maybe it would be enough. He would soon found out, as he run behind his battle line yelling out orders. He still wished he some more troops, especially against the elite armies of the elves. But as he always though as heard the mechanical weapons of his armies warming up, you always needed an escape plan, and he always had one. It might cost him some of his troops.

Our battlefied. The river don't count as terrain for the battle, beside for the rule of looking cool :)

Ratkin turn 1

The rats move in to position, two spear warrior regiments move up to take the hill agross the spring. The shock troops are behind out sight, while the enforcer moves up behind the spear regiments, to motivate them. In the middle the warrior horde, death-engine, war chief, and weapons team move forward, to a better position. The blight regiment moves up on the side of the warrior horde, followed by a regiment of brutes. The scurries and the Sassanian move as far up on the flank to avoid getting in line of sight of the the elves.

The artillery shoots at the seaguard horde, but the fog, or lack of skill makes it a sure miss

Elves turn 1
The elves start to move into a position to charge the rats on the hill. a palaca guard troop moving though some under bushes. The stormcalevery regiment is moving through the forrest in a slow page to get in a better position to charge the spears on the hill, their leader on a warhorse is close by to direct the attack. A regiment of palace guard makes ready to support the attack on the hill. The sea guard horde holds in position to max out is shooting. On the left of the horde, a regiment of palaca guard, and a spear regiment moved forward to try to secure the flank, from all the fast moving rats. The elven sorcerer moves into a position to fire a lighting bolt at the blight, managing to give them two damage.

The bolt thrower starts of with a shoot against the artillery but miss its mark. The horde opens fire on the weapon team, and the rats flee as the sky is swarmed by arrows.

Ratkin turn 2

On the left the scurries moves into position, so in next turn they will be able to attack. The assains flew in between the palaca guard, and spear regiment, being out of sight from both regiment and the sorcerer. The blight see the chance for a charge at the spear regiment. The brutes move to left, to prepare for a flank charge next turn. The warrior horde, moves a little to the right, to make sure the elf palaca guard cant get in to a better position. The war chief follow behind the horde, the death engine moves forward. The two spear regiemnt are preparing for the charge their will recive in the following turn, while the enforcer try to keep force calm and and ready. The shock troops regiemt, moves, along the hill, hiding its precens.

the death engine fire at the palace guard regiment beside the stormcavelery, but only manage to give them one damage. The assain is doing a lot better, and manage to give 3 damage to the palace guard closest to him. The artilery try to at the palaca guard troop, but misses its mark yet again.

You can hear the frustration of the warchief cursing and yelling.

The blight in its furius attack manage to give 4 damage, even through they hits where not the best, as they had to run through the forest. But the elf spears take the charge and hold the line.

Turn 2 elves

The elf spear starts by making a counter charge against the blight. The palaca guard on their right. Is walking backwods in tight formation to respon to the attack in their side. The sea guard horde stand still again to prepare to shoot. On the right the palaca troop and carverly makes a combined charge on the most right spear regiment. The left spear regiment got a combinated charge from the highelf lord, and the regiment of palace guard on his left.

The elf soccere start of by throwing lightning against the assassin and manage to give him 2 damage, but he stands his ground. The high elfbolt thrower takes a long shoot at the rat artillery, and hits it with all it shoots. The rats a so panicked by this, they are rounted and are running from the field. The sea guard take shoot against the death engine and give it a little dent with 2 damage.

On the left the elf spear counter charge gives the blight 6 damage, evnenthrough the elves are having a hard time consentrating because of the foul smell. They where very close to break the rats, but they stand defiented.

On the right, all the chargede are not getting a many hits because of the climb up the hill, but they still managa to rout bout spear regiments. The troop palace guard, and silver cavelry regiment are running futher up the hill, to see the surprised look of the enfocer. The regiment of palace guard and their lord, chose to turn on the spot to prepare to attack along the small river.

Ratkin Turn 3
The shock troops charged though some difficult terrain, to hit the palace guard regiment, and avoid a charge from the cavalry. The brutes charged the spearmen in the flank, and the blight counter charged the spearmen in the front. The scurries moved up on the side, with the assassin. The warchief and the horde roteded to prepare for the elf cavalry in a couple of turns. The enforcer choose to run away, as fast as he could, hiding behind the shock troops. The deatheningen moved a little forward to avoid getting charged the next turn.

The assain and scurries throwed all they got at the regiment of palace guard, and managed to wave them. The death engine saw the its chance to fire some shots on the elf lord, putting a little damage on him.

The Brutes and the blight manage to finaly rout the elf spearmen, and chose to rotate to face the palace guard. The shock troops managede to get some damage on the palace guard, but not enough for them to be effected.

Elf Turn 3
The palace guard troop chose to only move slightly forward, to be able to capture the hill, and some woods, The cavalry rotated and moved on top of the hill. The palace guard counter charged the shock troops, while the sea guard stood around to see the incoming foes left flank.

The bolt thrower fired at he death engine and managed to give some solid damage, but not enough. The elf mage fired again at the assassin, and manage to rout him. The sea guard shoot at the blight, and managed to rout them. The elf lord used a magic artifact to make a breath attack at the death engine, but not really hurting it.

the palace guard, manage to give some damage to the shock troops, but the presents of the enforce and death engine give them enough morale, not to be wavered.

Ratkin turn 4

The brutes charge the palace guard in the flank, while the scurries move longer up the table. The shock troops counter charged the palace guard, while the death eningen and enfocer chargede their position. The warlord and the warrior horde, moved out sight of most of the elf units.

The scurries manage to lightly damage the sea guard unit. Death engine failing to damage the elf lord.

The shock troops, manage to rout the palace guard, but the presents of the elf lord, made them stay and ready for a fight another turn. The brutes managede to waver the palaca guard again.

Elf Turn 4
The palace guard counter charged the shocktroops again. And the elven mage moved closer to a piece of terrain but still in sigh of the ratkin. The elven caverelry where finnaly down from the hill and ready to charge the warrior horde the next turn.

The elven mage fired at the enfoce and manage to wawe him. The bolt thrower miss both its shoots at the death enigne, but the elf lord manage to give it some damage with his breath attack. The sea guard manage to but a couple of damage on the brutes.

The elf palace guard finnaly rout the shock troops of the field and moves forward.

Ratkin turn 5

The brutes heal one damage and charge the palace guard in the flank again, while the scurries again give a little damage to horde of sea guard.

The death eninge fires all its shoot at the regiment of palace guard, routing them completely.

The brutes routs the wawed palace guard, and now have a clear sight to a horde of bows aiming at them. They choose to rotate a bit.

Elf turn 5
The cavarly chargede the warrior horde. And the elven lord moves forward, and the palace guard troops, secure some more terrain.

The sea guard, takes some shoots at the brutes but only manage to give them a few hit. The bolt hrower and elf lord get a few damage on the death engine, but not enough to rout it . The mage fire a spell at the scurries and make them wave.

The cavalry charge hit the rat but not enough to make them falter.

Ratkin turn 6
The enforcer runs for his life, to try capture some woods behind the elves line. The horde counter charge, while the brute are trying to secure some terrain moving away from the sea guard horde.
The death engine tries to get some hit in on the elf lord, but fails to do any damage.

The warrior horde manage to get some hits on the cavalry but not enough to stop them.

The sneaky elf lord moves forward to contest some of the terrain the warrior horde and war chief have claimed. The mage moves into a position to contest and claim more terrain, while still see the enforcer. The elf cavalry counter charge the warrior horde.

Bolt thrower misses the death engine again, while the sea guard manage to hit the brutes, but not enough to rout them. The elf sees an opportunity to kill the war chief with his breath attack but only manage to give him some light damage. The mage makes the enforcer rout, and herby denying the rat kin from a couple of victory point.

The cavalry makes a lot of damage but not enough to rout the warrior horde. Which end the battle with a solid victory for the elves.

7 vp elves
1 vp ratkin

Nightcleaver Cursed. He lost over half his forces, and they have not claimed any parts deeper in the wood. At least for a change he could order an orded retreat. He have been surprised by so many palace guard have been dispatched to stoop him. That could only mean the elves saw him as very dangerous. He was, but now it was time to get out of her. Time to see if the deal with orcs final have gone through. Soon he would have his revenge on the hochlanders. .. and his defeat was not that bad... it was just timber.. right ?

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