Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Going though the sand..

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Chief Scriek Nightcleaver
VS Kingdoms of Men
Baron William Kastillien

"Get the crates out of her" Nightcleaver got all the mana crystals he needed for his plans. His warlock have been right about this, but he did not trust them, to bring them with him on this mission. Especially if their magic would be stronger her, they would be to power full, and right now he did not need more rats to plot against him. They would be depending on his mana crystal, and there by it will make him the leader without a question. Soon everything would be ready for his vision of the ratkin empire. His day dreaming got interrupted by assassin Shadowtail. "Humans bearing the color of Hochland approach from the east of the village, Chief. Our forces have failed to stop them. They will be her in a matter of hours at most. The sand is slowing them down, but the same is happening to our warriors."
"Curse it, I knew we should brought more troops, but no matter. This rabble will have to do . Get the enforcer her, its time for him to motivate our forces for battle. I will oversee this battle myself, from behind the viilage to get an overview over the battlefield." Responded chief Nightcleaver
There where probably a traitor amongst his forces. Shadowtail had keeped an eye on the enforcer Sticktail. He had been sneaking about and had sercret meetings in the night. Nightcleaver was sure he had some connection to humans getting in the way in way of his plans.
Nightcleaver ordered his forces, to move out. It was a mixed bunch of warriors, shock troops, artillery, brutes, scurries and a group of smelly blight regiment. Of course there was the new secret weapon, he looked forward to test out on the humans.
At least all the crates would be secure, for the next step in the great plan. And when the humans where beaten, there would be more food and loot for him and his troops. But first they had to win. One thing for sure… if they won it was because of his brilliant planning. If they lost it was because of the incompetence of his warriors.
Nightcleaver yelled out the last orders before the battle, hiding the fear he always felt before a battle, by hiding behind the biggest group of warriors in his forces. Nothing could surly destroy this big group. And if that should happen, Nightcleaver was a fast runner.



Vanguard move:
Kingdoms of men: The Mounted scouts move up to threaten the Ratkin artillery and scurries
Ratkin: Scurries move up to protect the artillery from the scouts, and the assassin stayed in position behind the building.

Scurries moving up to protect the warmachine.

Turn 1 – Kingdoms of Men
The human general ordered his men to advande on the ratkin. Staying behind hiding like a coward. TheRat kin chieftain would probely do the same, but still cowardly. He orders the advance across the river intent on driving the Ratkin from both the city and their hill position.
The mounted scouts move further up to threaten the scurries with some shooting. The rest of the right flank moved at the double to support with the exception being tje beast of war. The forces on the left flank moved fast to get in a better flanking position. The shield wall horde moved closer to the crossing, sharring glared at their rat counterpart, seing a sea of red eyes, fur , rusty swords and shield in tight formation. The human bowmen move at the double to hide on the roof of a building.
The scouts fired their pistols at the scurries, with 3 hits and 3 wounds. The scurries fled the field faster than cheetah could run. The Beast of war took a short at the spear group, but misses. At the same time, the mortar takes a shot at the death engine but misses its marks aswell. Some of the rats a shacking a bit, but keep their courage up, for now.

The human army moving in to position

Turn 1 - Ratkin
The chief ordered his forces forward, but not to close to the knights. He know from experience not get charged by them. There where fare more humans than he expected. But at least the their will be plenty of meat and slaves after this.
The rats facing the knights, where quite nervous. They slowly moved forward ,the shock troops moved up behind the spear regiment, to staying safe behind wall of spears . The warrior horde moved forward, with the weapon team in close support. The chief looked forward to see the weapon in action. The chief, the death engine and the brutes stayed safely behind the warrior horde. The assassin taking advantage of his wings of honeymaze flied over the building in front of him, and in a flanking position on the shield wall troop.
The Ratkin shooting starts with the artillery lobbing digesting goo at the knights, hitting once and causing 2 wounds. Sadly the knights hold their position, and heal 1 damage, because of the blessing of the green lady. The assassin shoots at the shield wall troops, hitting 3 and wounding 3, which is enough to rout the troop. Watching a whole group of humans running away from a the assains, boost the Rat chiefs confidents, for a short while. The weapon team opens fire at the shield wall horde hitting 5 times but only causing 1 wound, to the upper disappointment of the war chief. He expected more his new weapon. The shield wall horde holds and removes the damage with iron resolve. The death engine shoots at the bowmen, only getting 1 hit and 1 damage, with the bowmen also holding the line with resolve again. The rats would need some luck to break the humans.

The assain makes a flying trip in to the river, throwing bat rangs... I mean throwing stars at the humans
The rat army gets ready to engage the human shield wall.

Turn 2 – Kingdoms of Men,
The human General orders his men to press forward to try to corner the rats. But remember a cornered rat fights even harder.
The scurries where gone, and the mounted scouts saw they change to charge the rat artillery. The rest of the human army moved forward. The wizard spotted the flying assassin and moved in to position to attack him. Most of the humans have now crossed or where crossing the river
The Mortar started the shooting phase, by hitting the Death engine, and caused 2 wounds, not enough to do any real damage. The bowmen takes a shoot at the weapon team, and manage to get a single hit and wound on it. The rats are the way to get routed and ignore the chiefs orders and flee the field
The Beast of war manage to hit the shock troops once, and cause 1 wound, with the shock troops holding their line. The wizard surging with magical power from the crystals proximity, throwing an impressive 5 hits on the assassin, but only wound 2 times. This is however enough to wave the assassin. Being busy trying to put out the fire .
The mounted scouts being hindered by the steep rocky hill only hits the artillery 3 times but the rats seek cover behind their artillery and remain unharmed. Thank the rat goods, for the small blessing! No one saw this coming.

The scouts, make very falied charge against the artilery . Not giving it one single damage.

Turn 2 – Ratkin
The War chief cursed at this turn of events, his weapon team routing because of a little arrow fire! He now had no choice, but to order his warrior horde forward to attack!
The Ratkin still formed a tight right flank not wishing to be target of a knight charge. The spear regiment on the right flank, moving slightly forward intent on charging the militia troop if they got too close. The centre of the Ratkin army moved forward with the warrior horde charging the shield wall horde.
The artillery not having been disordered proved to be a boon for the Ratkin, with and incredible amount of luck, the artillery hit the Beast of war with both shots on 6, which the blast rule turned to 8 hits. The tough beast of war took 6 wounds from the artillery, but still held the line. The death engine shot at the foot guard but only got 3 hits and wounds on them. They also held the line and with resolve removing some damage from both targets.
The warrior hordes charge caused 8 hits and 4 wounds on the shield wall, which initially wavered the shield wall but the house hold standard of Baron Kastillien inspired the shield wall to hold the line, to the annoyens of the warchief. Things did not go as planned.

Its Horde ws horde !

Turn 3 – Kingdoms of Men
Even though the sand slowing down the troops, was of some concern the foot guard and beast of war was still within charge distance of the spear regiment, and they did a combined charge. The shield wall horde counter charged the warrior horde, and the scouts charged the artillery for a second time. The left flank troop of militia mob, was encouraged by the knights to move at the double, in front of the blight regiment.
The shooting was short and ineffective, with the bowmen and mortar missing the brute’s regiment. The wizard again surging with power hit the assassin with a fireball getting 6 hits, but only 1 wound on the assassin. No doubt him standing in a river, saved his fur and he passed his nerve check.
Due to the hindered nature of the Beast of war charge, it had trouble hitting the spear rats and only 3 hits and wounds, the Foot guard managed 8 hits and 6 wounds on the rats, which resulted in a rout. The foot guard pushed ahead, while the beast of war reformed to face the brutes. The mounted scouts’ performed much better now and got hits on the artillery with 5 wounds, also routing it and they reformed.
The Shield walls countercharge made17 hits and 12 wounds on the warrior horde. The incredible display of prowess routed the warrior horde, with a very surprised war chief not being able changing anything about the rout

Turn 3 – Ratkin

With a surprised curse, the war chief did the only sensible thing after seing the warrior horde butchered and routed by the human. He run behind the shock troops, while yelling “Not as planned!”.
With his army forced into a bad situation, the rats had no choice but to attack. The blight charged the militia mob troop. The shock troops charged the foot guard and the brutes charging the beast of war. The assassin flew away from the wizard, and hiding behind the building, with a sight line to the second militia mob troop. The spear rat regiment reformed to handle the collapsed centre, and the warlord moved closer to his shock troops.
The death engine shot at the shield wall horde, getting 3 hits and 3 wounds. The shield wall horde wavered at first, but the inspiring from the army standard, made them hold the ground. The assassin shot at the militia troop and hit and wounded 3 times, wavering the militia mob.
The blight got 10 hits with 4 wounds on the other militia mob troop which routed the unit. The shock troops hit the foot guard 7 times and wounded 5 times, but the foot guard held the line. The brutes hit the beast of war 5 times, but in a sad display of strength only wounded the beast 1 time. The beast of war held the line against the brutes. The warchief was not pleased with the situation. He was surrounded by incompetent fools and idiots. It was all their fault!

Turn 4 – Kingdoms of Men

A lot of counter charges were made and charges were made, as a reaction to the Ratkins assault. The shield wall horde eager to bring down the death engine charged it, while the foot guard counter charged the shock troops. The beast of war and the general did a combined charge against the brutes. Thanks to the noble sacrifice of the militia troop the knights and pole block troop did a combined charge against the blight regiment.
The bowmen shot at the reformed spear regiment and hit 4 times and wounding 3 of the rats, but they held the line for now. The mounted scouts shot at the enforcer bolstering the regiments around him, getting 3 hits and 2 wounds which routed him, but the newly arrived War Chief threatened him to stay.
The wizard bane chanted the shield wall horde.
The shield wall horde divine inspiration had obviously faded and they only hit 7 times but caused 5 wounds on the engine, but it was holding its ground. The beast of war hit the brutes 8 times and caused 5 wounds, with the general adding 3 extra hits, but only causing 1 wound. Barely with did they rout the unit, and only thanks to brutal of the beast of war.
The foot guard had less success with only 5 hits and 1 wound caused on the shock troops, the tougher Ratkin held the line. The pole block troop hit the blight regiment 3 times and caused 2 wounds, with the knights adding 10 hits and 9 wounds on the blighted Ratkin. Blight just barely got routed by the charge and allowed the knights to reform.
A lot of yelling and curses was heard coming from the war chief.

Turn 4 – Ratkin
The War Chief cursed the incompetents of his warriors who was routing before the human army, only his shock troops stood before knights and him. Most of the crates where long gone now, it was time for him to go, before the whole army collapsed!
The death engine unable to shoot, declared a combined charge with the spear regiment, on the shield wall hoping to break through. The shock troops counter charged the foot guard, sensing weakness and fear in them. The enforcer and war Chief both charged the pole block troop, hoping to rout them and slip around the knights.
The assassin once again shot on the Militia mob troop causing 4 damage and 4 wounds on them, routing the mob for sure.

The Death engine charge hit 7 times and caused 4 wounds on the shield wall, the spear warriors doing less well and only getting 4 hits and wounds on them. The shield wall held the line against the Ratkin attack.
The Shock troops were besting their human counterparts handily by getting 8 hits and 6 wounds on the foot guard. This routed the foot guard and revealed to the shock troops the waiting knights behind the foot guard. The enforcer and the War Chief mirrored each other, by getting 2 hits and causing 1 wound on the pole block. The pole block troop was unfazed by the Ratkin leaders and held the line.
The chieftains cursed and yelled to no anvil about fools and idiots surrounding him

Turn 5 – Kingdom of Men
The shield wall horde eager to fight Ratkins again counter charged the spear regiment, while the beast of war thundered into the flank of the death engine. The knights and the general did a combined charge against the victorious shock troops. The pole block troop looking eager for revenge, charged the enforcer.
The wizard used bane chant on the shield wall horde. The mounted scouts opened fire on the war chief hitting him 3 times but only caused 1 wound, the bowmen in a remarkable display of accuracy hit him 5 times and caused 2 wounds, the War Chief held the line eager for revenge.
The beast of war smashed into the death engine getting 9 hits and caused 8 wounds, which shattered the strange Ratkin contraption and sent the engineer running for the hills. The shield wall followed up with attacking the spear rats, hitting 10 times and getting 8 wounds, which send them routing in the engineer’s direction too.
The knights hit the shock troops 10 times and caused 8 wounds on them, with the general adding another 2 hits and 1 wound. The shock troops routed in the face of this charge, and the war chief could only look on in horror, while his bodyguards abandoned him. The pole block troop hit the enforcer 5 times and caused 3 wounds which wavered him
Things where looking bad for the rat kin.

Turn 5 – Ratkin
The War Chief is furious, his well laid plan of looting all the magical crystals has been stopped, his rage is directed toward the human leader.
With only 2 models to move around the Ratkin turn is short, the war chief do a mischievous charge on the general to spite the humans. While the assassin fly on top of a building.
The assassin shoot at the mortar, hitting 3 times and wounding times, wavering the mortar crew.
The war chief hit the general 4 times and wounds him 3 times, but the general shrug of the Ratkin’s blows and holds, for now.

Turn 6 – Kingdoms of Men
The War Chief’s attack surprised the general, he have only heard cowardly things about the ratkin, atleast of their leaders would show a proper fight in a duel.
The general counter charged the war chief, while the knights and poleblock charged the enforcer.
The bowmen, beast of war all shot at the assassin but missed. The wizard tried to remove the rodent problem with fire, she got 3 hits and 1 wound on the assassin wavering him again.
The knights demolish the enforcer with 11 hits and wounds, not bothering with pole block attacks, the enforcer is routed. The general hits the chief 3 times, and wounds him twice, the chief initially wavers but his hatred keeps him going.

Turn 6 – Ratkin
The war chief is a corned animal, and there is nothing more dangerous than a corned animal.
The chief charge the general, getting 5 hits, but only 2 wounds which wavers the general and ending the game.

The Ratkin have 250 point remaining, while the Kingdoms of Men have 1190.

Chief Nightcleaver used a smoke bomb, to hide his tracks and escape the battle field in the confusion. He had not seen the assassin escape, but he always did. He just hoped they had enough crystals for the ritual, but only the future will show. Time to send an emissary to orc leaders, they had a common goal. Hochland. No wall or orgres where goanna stop them this time. But first things first, he needed to consolidate his forces, and make sure that their camps in Galahir was not driven out. The other war chiefs would surely not blame the defeat her on him, because of his incompetent troops. There would be a little political maneuvering, but nothing he could not handle.

Revenge would come another day.


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Kingdoms of Men
Baron William Kastillien


  • Bloodwild says:

    Really nice batrep! So many great pictures!!!

  • Chief Scriek Nightcleaver says:

    Thanks, it was hard fought battle, and with a lot of surprises rolls, but god damm it was fun 🙂 and it was nice to finally use my Arabic buildings from 4 ground 🙂 Lit Wick… i think there is 30 pictures more 😉 but there is a lot more pictures on the Barons battle report. My pc and i did not agree when I wrote this.

  • Lit Wick says:


    Soo…many…good…pictures! Nice win for KoM, too!

  • Baron William Kastillien says:

    It was a hard fought battle for sure!