Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Defend of Rhyn Dufaris

2000+ POINTS
VS Kingdoms of Men

A brutal battle between the dwarves and the kingdom of evil men. The evil men had chosen their best knights to try and break the dwarves defending Rhyn Dufaris. The dwarves were the armies of the cataract. The kingdom of the great cataract are a noble breed of dwarfs. They have held and build and a kingdom on the edge of the great waterfall. Their duty is to defend the great chain and the people crossing it.

When the hordes of the evil men came with their hordes of mounted knights and the horde of footguards the dwarfs had no option but to awaken the elements. The Sons of the Cataract awoke and slammed the weak humans back to the abyss. Against rock and stone fire have no power.

A brutal win to the dwarfs. The entire army was wiped out and the dwarfs only lost a regiment of badger riders and a cannon.

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