Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Basileans hold back the abyss

2000+ POINTS
Forces of Basilea
VS Abyssal Dwarfs
Seb B

A very cagey first 3 turns saw almost no combat. It was move and countermove. I kept looking for flanks and multi charges where Seb kept blocking them. Turn 3 was my first opening, the ur elohi snuck into the flak of some decimators but then had to grind through them (unsuccessfully) they were later saved and avenged by a surging golem. My panthers had to charge the Horde of golems to save my knights (who went free to destroy some black souls).

On the opposite flank I faced a lot less opposition and this allowed my elohi, men at arms and Abbess on chariot to smash through gargoyles, a greater golem and decimation, but I lost the Abbess on the way.

A close game with both of us scoring under 1000 vps but I had 800 to his 500 and claimed the victory....just

I can't remember the exact vps, so the score is a rough estimate. Diodachi can you comment the score on here?

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Forces of Basilea