Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Javis' Undead vs Twilight Kin

2000+ POINTS
Kingdoms of Men
VS Elves
Javis' remaining forces
Remaining Twilight Kin
Death of the 2nd Zombie Dragon
Death of the 2nd Zombie Dragon

After the death of the Romans in the Edge of the Abyss, this battle saw Jarvis take on the Twlight Kin with his Undead zombies, zombie trolls and zombie dragons. He also had 3 catapults, a hoard of archers and a regment of reveant calvary at his disposal.

The enemy: Twilight Kin.

Jarvis deployed the catapults on a conviently placed hill and turtle his zombies in the right corner of the battlefield.

The Twilight Kin deployed their cavalry on the right along with a winged hero. But most of the force started in the centre of the battlefield.

The plan was to hold back the dragons and zombies and just shoot the enemy with catapults.

But the dice gods were not with Jarvis this time. And the enemy also held back on the right flank. Meanwhile the Twilight Kin advanced up the centre and shot up Jarvis' cavalry.

Jarvis sent one Zombie Dragon in to deal with them. Between the calvarly and Zombie Dragon's breath attack in the centre the enemy Kin lost most of their chaff. But it cost a Zombie Dragon.

On the right flank the catapults had finally managed to take off one unit of Kin cavalry and wound the 2nd. Jarvis foolishly send in a Zombie dragon with breath attack to finish the job. But cover saved them. Now Javis had no zombie Dragons and the Zombie Trolls were too far back to get their revenge.

Time was up. The game was over. Jarvis had lost on attrition by 340 points slightly more than one Zombie Dragon.

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