Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Upon the Frozen Plains

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Abyssal Dwarfs
Bob The Bobish
VS Salamanders

In the midst of a frozen field an unlikely battle was joined as neither dwarf nor salamander preferred this frigid wasteland...

The lizards were graciously granted the first turn and advanced cautiously against the rather impressive line of stunties. Minor losses were incurred from incoming missiles but the turn remained mostly uneventful.

The dwarves rained down rocket fire on a troop of salamanders causing their bravery to waver and adding annoyances to the scaled battle line.

The battle was quickly joined as the fire drake charged the half breed champion. He was badly wounded but managed to only waver. Even the Decimators managed to hold their ground against the oncoming horde! Meanwhile the Orc gore riders continued to threaten one of the cavalry units on the right flank.

The center line charged in destroying the prime horde with relative ease. The slaves and second horde of black souls moved in to hold off the fire elementals but only wounded them slightly.

With the champion surviving the slave driver attempted to ground the fire drake but failed to cause any disruption. Even the gargoyles flanked a unit of raptors but only scratched a few wounds onto them. The lizards had paid slightly for their assault but the line still holds.

The salamanders had faced the stubborn line of dwarves and retaliated by stabbing them in the back! The fire drake, still free to fly at will thanks to the failure of the slave driver, hit the back lines along with other units to break the horde of blacksouls in one fell swoop.

On top of that disaster they even managed to force a regiment of decimators off the field! The rest of the line held firm and the slave orcs continued to ride their boars around the edge either to escape their masters or keep the lizard cavalry out of the picture for another turn. At this point even the dwarves did not care...

In a desperate attempt to break through the dwarves attempted to re-doubled their efforts charging into the salamanders. The Fire elemental regiment fell but the horde continued to exist though they nearly broke! The Grotesques had rampaged through the raptors with ease and continued on through the Likadon.

The dwarves tried their best but by the end invade is a nasty scenario for a block of sp 4. On top of that the lizards put up one nasty fight and managed to win the game hands down...

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