Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Slaughter in the Glades

VS Forces of Basilea
James H.
Look out for Lightning!
End of Undead Turn 2 .. ouch.
High Paladin James looks tasty
Those Elohi think they're safe...
High Paladin James making his last stand ... he was tough.
Domitus hanging on until the very end.

Turn 1
The Undead begin to advance towards the Basileans.
The Necromancer, Matthias hurls a lightning bolt at the Basilean Crossbowmen, seeing the charred remains of two of their brethren the crossbowmen resolve wavers.

The Basileans advance towards the Undead masses.
Domitus uses his Healing powers on the injured Crossbowmen.

Turn 2
A small group of Ghouls charges into the Elohi, barely scratching the holy beings.
The Sisterhood contingent is completely wiped out by a combined charge of Zombies and their Zombie Troll brethren.
The Revenant King, Gérard le Mort charges into the Crossbowmen, nearly routing them in the process, those remaining are severely rattled by the Undead lord.
The Forlorn Guard, stalwart defenders of Basilea are routed from the field by a combined charge of Revenant Cavalry and Ghouls.

The Basilean War Wizard hurls a fireball at Gérard le Mort, but to his horror it harmlessly washes over the Undead lord.
The Elohi obliterate the Ghouls who so foolishly attacked them.
High Paladin, James the first charges into the Zombie Trolls, but fails to destroy them.
Domitus charges into the nearby Ghouls, not a single Ghoul was left after his furious assault.

Turn 3
Matthias, wary of the Elohi on his flank, called upon his dark powers and surged the Zombies into the Elohi. The Elohi were overwhelmed and crushed by the undead horde.
The Zombie Trolls counter charge James, but did very little. (Snake eyes...)
Gérard le Mort charged the War Wizard, but surprisingly he was unsuccessful in slaying him (Snake eyes .. again!)
The Revenant Cavalry charged into the open flank of the Crossbowmen, further wavering them but
failing to Rout them.

High Paladin James renewed his attack upon the Zombie Trolls, again failing to destroy the foul beasts.
Domitus seeing the Crossbowmen on the verge of defeat charged into the Revenant Cavalry, though
unfortunately for him he did very little to them.

Turn 4
The Zombie Trolls pummeled High Paladin James enough to waver him.
Gérard le Mort renewed his attack on the Basilean wizard, failing to slay him but he did just enough to waver him.
The Revenant Cavalry renewed their attack upon the Crossbowmen, finally routing them.

High Paladin James regained his composure and again stood toe to toe with the Zombie Trolls, though this time he successfully routed them.
Domitus again charged into the Revenant Cavalry, barely making a dent.

Turn 5
Matthias calls upon his powers again and Surged the Mummies into High Paladin James, his resolve
wavers at this new onslaught.
Gérard le Mort again charges the Wizard, this time he slays the annoying Basilean.
The Revenant Cavalry charges into Domitus failing to seriously injure him.

High Paladin James again calls upon his inner resolve and charges the Mummies, doing very little in the way of damage.
Domitus continues his battle with the Revenant Cavalry, their stalemate continues.

Turn 6
The Mummies finally bring the defiant High Paladin to his knees.
The Revenant Cavalry again charges Domitus, failing to deal any significant damage.

Domitus attacks the Revenant Cavalry nearly routing them.


I still had most of my army at the end of the game, while James only had a highly resilient Domitus. I do have to add his namesake High Paladin was a beast, at the end he had like 16 damage on him before he finally fell. I still can't believe I rolled snake-eyes on back to back Nerve tests .. lol.

750 points of Undead remained
150 points of Basileans remained

I secured two portals to claim victory, along with fresh corpses to add to my army.

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