Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

A shortened victory at the Glades

VS Kingdoms of Men
Alastar Rave

Unfortunately my opponent had to leave during the beginning of Turn 4. I was ahead on objectives 2-1 and if (a big IF) the dice-gods were nice to me, the core of his force was about to fall.

Since we were in a rush I was unable to get more pics or really get decent notes written down.

Turn 1 Advance!

Turn 1
The Undead begin shambling towards their enemy.
The Necromancer Matthias partially hiding behind a bit of ruins cast Lightning Bolt at the Cannon, landing 2 hits and causing 1 damage.

The Kingdoms of Men mostly hold their line, opting to let the Undead come to them.
The Cannon fires off a successful shot into the Revenants, causing 3 damage.
The Arquebusiers open fire on the Mummies, with only a single shot causing damage.

Turn 2 - Charge!

Turn 2
The Undead continue their sluggish march across the battlefield.
Matthias surges the Revenants forward 5".

The Cannon fires at the Revenants, but fails to hit.
The Arquebusiers again open fire on the Mummies, though this time they land 12 hits, causing 8 damage. The Mummies are Routed!
The Knights charge the Zombies, landing 13 hits, causing 10 damage.

Turn 3 - Shamble forth!

Turn 3
Matthias surges the Revenants towards the Arquebusiers, but they fall just short. (1")
The Zombies and Zombie Trolls charge into the Knights, causing a combined 16 damage, Routing them!

The Cannon fires at the Revenants, missing again.
The Arquebusiers open fire from point blank range, landing 6 shots and causing 3 damage. (Seems their target was too close?)
Danor casts Fireball, Lightning Bolt and Wind Blast on the Revenants, with only a single Fireball landing which caused no damage.
The Mounted General charged the Zombie Trolls, landing 3 hits, causing 1 damage.

Turn 4 - Where are you going?

Turn 4
The Zombies charged the Foot Guard Horde, landing 8 hits (damn hindered charges!), causing 1 damage.
Zombie Trolls counter charge the General, landing 12 hits, causing 8 damage, Routing him.
Revenants charged the Arquebusiers, unresolved.
Revenant Cavalry charged the Army Standard Bearer, unresolved.

End of Game.

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