Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The rise and fall of the dead

2000+ POINTS
Battle Kiwi
VS Dwarfs
Brad Da Dworff

Out of the Abyss!

Well that was the plan anyway. ..
Mission played: loot.

Heading out of the abyss, with Blaine riding his magnificent dinosaur (running as vamp on undead pegasus) at the head of an undead horde. We were confident for an overwhelming victory...nothing stood before us but a stumpy dwarven rabble. This will be an easy win for the evil forces!

An initial good start and reasonable positioning, saw the undead in good standing. But the stubborn dwarfs just wouldn't budge out the way. We kept hammering away at them, throwing mummies, wraiths, werewolves and more at them, but they just wouldnt go down!
A tough tight battle that came down to the wire, with a couple wavered necromancers at the end that could have made the difference. That and Blaine going down on exact nerve fail test while in prime position for a rear attack...next time well get em!

Rattling of bones!
The dead shamble forwards
First smash up
Skeletal Horde crumbles and returns to the ground, but the dwarven horde falls aswell!
Last ditch attempt to claim back one of the 2 loot tokens stolen by the shorties
Failed to take back one of the tokens but we did take down the steel behemoth!

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Brad Da Dworff

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