Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Tanning Salamander skin

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VS Salamanders

After the victory against the forces of nature, the explorers report that a large army of salamanders penetrated the heights to support the trident kingdom, it is necessary to destroy that army to cut the arrival of reinforcements, something that Lord Kouran received it will be amusing to find some worthy adversary for my sword, he thought.

The deployment of the Salamander army from the point of view of the general is by the right flank the general salamander Clan Lord mounted on a fire dragon, together with regiment of Kaisenor Lancers, on the left flank, 2 units of Lekelidon and 1 unit of Ironguard, to offer coverage to shots, by the center, 2 hordes of salamander primes, 1 regiment of ironguard, 1 regiment of Kaisenor Lancers, 2 Ironbelcher Organ Gun and finally 2 Mage priest, with heal spell, to heal the troops of the shots .
The kin army, from the general's point of view on his right flank 1 High Priestess of the Abyss on horseback, 1 Hydra, 1 gargoyle unit, 1 Twilight Bolt Thrower, on the left flank to stop the Lord Clan, a regiment of Dark Knights, 1 Dark Lord on Black Dragon (Kouran), 1 gargoyle unit , in the center 2 Twilight Bolt Thrower, 1 Blade Dancer Regiment, 1 Horde of Darkscythe Chariots and last 1 Dark Knights Regiment.
With the advantage of the deployment, the Salamander army moved slowly towards the battle, moving its infantry, in the Kin shift the firings were tried hurting Lekelidon from rays and shots of the war machines, but the coverings given by the ironguard resulted effective, but the gargoyle unit on the left flank advanced to take a flank near the Lekelidon.

The first turns, the shots that generated wounds were healed by the mage priest and the Clan Lord that had the healing talisman, but was caused a small wear but that began to be noticed in the turn 4, there the units of the Salamanders were worn out, but with less firepower, the 2 Organ Gun, dangerously weakened the Dark Knights unit located in the center of the stage, but could still charge against an Ironguard unit, not being able to destroy it and was annihilated in the counter charge, but the right flank was taken by the Kin army, destroying all units plus 1 hordes of prime salamanders, but the hydra and one gargoyle unit was destroyed near the end of the battle the other unit of prime salamanders was destroyed as the clan lord and the remaining magician priest were not enough to heal all the wounds inflicted 2 Twilight Bolt Thrower, the Chariots and the magic of Dark Lord, the unit of Dark Knights placed on the left flank and Dark Lord himself relegated Clan Lord salamander, only to heal troops and could not participate more actively in the battle, achieving the second Kin triumph.

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