Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

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King Olrend II's plans to construct the great wall were soon discovered by the Twilight Kin's spies. The news soon reached Dark Lord Yekim, who knew this would be a hindrance of his next invasion. So, he called upon his old ally, the orc Godspeaker; Leist-unk, to join his fellow Dark Lord; Sontré in battle once. They met upon the land that would soon be stained in blood, and were surprised to be met by the forces of the Elf King.

After the chaos, and massacre had died out, Sontré looked around at the decrepit surroundings. He and his Dark Knights had successfully made it across to enemy’s territory, however the enemy had also done the same. The Crossbowmen who had held back to shoot at the Elves were in a desperate situation, with two enemy units in their side of the Battle field – meanwhile the orcs were being blocked from the other side of the Battlefield by a simple elf wizard. But, fate was still on the Evil army’s side as the crossbowmen successfully shot the regiment of Tallspears, who had been threatening them, to death (making the forces once again on equal footing). Additionally, the Greataxes were finally able to bypass the individual elf hero and charged forward into the undefended enemy’s territory. With the forces of darkness in greater control over the Elves’ land, the plans of building the Great wall had been rendered impossible.

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