Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

2000 points remains in the balance.

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Bad Elf
VS Forces of Basilea

The Basilean forces knew the 5 five portals of the twilight glades must be closed before it was too late, however they were not prepared for what was waiting for them. The allied forces of the Kin and Orcs stood ready for combat, determined to keep them open...

The Dark Lord Sontré on his Black Dragon flew forward directly towards the enemy's Elohi and they met in the middle of the battle field in combat. A small troop of panthers fallows and also attacked the Dragon. It sustained a heavy amount of damage but was still able to fight back. Meanwhile on the other edge of the battle field another troop of Elohi flew into the hord of Orc Greataxes and managed to wound five of the warriors. But it was not enough!

The Godspeaker; Leist-unk attempted to save his warriors by crippling the ebony with a soul drain, but the Elohi were to powerful and none of their life energy was sapped. But this did not phase the hideous green creatures and they fought back and along with the regiment of Dark Knights who had come to aid them, butchered the Elohi. The cavalry of Paladin Knights galloped forward in an act of revenge of their fallen comrades but before they even had the chance to move, they received 9 bolts in their side from the hord of Crossbowmen. Meanwhile the Dragon counter attacked the Elohi while the Buccaneers through their weapons at the sisterhood panthers who had done so much damage on their commander's beast - and with the furthered distance provided for them with the Jar of Four Winds, killed the felines in their tracks.

The Abyssal Riders had followed up the Greataxes in case they were successfully attacked while the dark knights went onward ready to confront the Forlorn Guard. However, the battle was about to take a terrible turn for the villains... the Paladin Knights had successfully charged into the orcs and killed them while they were still weakened from their previous fight. The Elohi fighting the Dragon still were not dead and this time were able to knock the beast to the ground, wavering it.

The Abyssal Riders charged the Paladin Knights and almost crushed them. Had this been any other hord of horses, they would have been unable to fight back, but these Knights were headstrong and countercharged right back, coursing the Abyssal Riders to waver like their Lord at the other end of the battle field. This would not be the case for long however as another troop of panthers charged the Dragon's side and a horde of spearmen came in on the offensive as well - killing monster altogether. When they looked over it's corpse later however, they could not find the body of it's master.

The hydra had come up ready to aid the other monster however it was too late, and the Elohi flew over and charged the creature. The buccaneers threw their weapons at the panther but were only able to hurt 3 of them. This only succeeded in angering the Panthers however, and they charged straight into the buccaneers, wounding 4 of them. Meanwhile the crossbows (with the aid of the High Priestess' Bain Chant) were able to shoot three bolts into the mounted sorcerer Abbess. To make matters worse for the forces of evil, the Folorn Guard were able to murder the Dark Knights and ready to charge into the side of the Abyssal Riders.

The Crossbowmen shot the Paladin Knights to death while the buccaneers did 3 more wounds on the panthers they were fighting. But their Abysal Riders' fears came true as they were side charged by the Guard forcing them to waver once again. Yet another unit of panthers attacked the hydra as well as the Elohi and it received 5 wounds from the assault, while Abbess came and healed the winged warriors.

Meanwhile the magic uses began their own conflict as the priest charged Leist-unk the Godspeaker forcing him to waverand the two basilean war wizards casted fireball on the crossbowmen (wounding 3 of them). Meanwhile the combat between the buccaneers and panthers got intense and the Kin fighters fell to the ground wavering.

In retaliation, the crossbowmen shot the panthers who had done so much damage to the buccaneers and killed them. The buccaneers' luck would soon run out however as yet another troop of panthers charged them. The hydra meanwhile still revering from the enimy's bombardment was able to regenerate its health from four of its previous wounds. It was a waisted effort however as it was then side charged by the hord of spearmen and killed. One war wizard charged the crossbows hoping to disorder however he was far too weak and his attack simply bounced off the soldier's armer, leaving him wide open to be shot at. The other moved towards the priestess to fireball her again, dealing her three burns. Over on the other end of the battle field, the Abyssal Riders met their end

The High Priestess fired her own fireball back burning the war wizard also in three different places. While the crossbows all shot the other who'd attacked them, causing him to fall to the ground a bloody mess (yet still alive). Meanwhile the buccaneers fought back against the panthers, only to hurt four of them. Meanwhile, the godspeaker who had taken no damage since his wavering, stood and firballed the priest (leaving him with second degree burns).

It was at this moment when the two evil magic users looked around and realised their luck - the enemy had been so busy trying to kill them all, they had forgot to close any of the portals! The buccaneers were side charged by the spear men and killed instantly, and the same happened when the flying Elohi side charged the side of the crossbowmen... but it was too late

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