Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Massacre at the Edge of the Abyss

2000+ POINTS
VS The Herd
Richard Miles

Massacre at the Edge of the Abyss

Near the Start

n.b. Richard was testing out a list for a new army that he is making, hence the wooden squares. His 3000+pts of fully painted Ratkin were taking a well earned break!

I deployed in my 'standard' format, with my Fire Elementals on the far right flank with Ancients on Rhinosaurs between them, screened by two Lekelidons. The Prime Horde was positioned fairly poorly on my near right, when I needed it near left (but I rectified this by pivoting, moving, moving and pivoting to get them where I wanted them). On the far left flank were Lancers for area denial and an Unblooded troop for support. He set up a very strong centre, with a Brutox, two regiments of Guardian Brutes, two Guardian Champions and some chaff. A flying Chimera and Eagles regiment were opposite my Fire Elementals on the right and a horde of Spirit Walkers (I think?) supported by two troops of Hunters facing the Lancers on my left flank.

He chose to let me go first, so I moved up on flyers leaving the Elementals and Rhinosaurs out of charge, but my Battle-Captain with Wings of the Honeymaze and two Lekelidons in. Due to the width of his Eagles, only the Chimera could charge my Battle-Captain. Realising that his options were limited, his Eagles charged a Lekelidon to try to slow down my flank, and his Chimera jumped to the centre. The Eagles died almost immediately, and my right flank swung inwards, fighting across the board from turns 3-6.

On the left flank, my Lancers hid behind a hill, meaning he would have to be in fairly close range if he wanted to have line of sight for a charge. That, of course, meant I would also have line of sight and would get first charge. After much prevarication throughout the game, he finally moved on to the hill in his turn 4, and the Lancers took turn 5 and 6 to rout them, taking 7 or so wounds from their counter-charge in turn 5.

In the centre, he moved up en masse in the hope of overwhelming my solitary horde of primes. Due to my superiority on the right flank and the threat that this posed, Richard kept having to redirect units from the centre to towards the flank. As such, by the time he reached my Primes they were only being charged by a Brutes horde and Guardian Champion, which is not enough to worry them, especially as Richard's units were charging over an obstacle. The Primes routed the Brutes (with very lucky nerve rolling) and the Champion met his maker after I'd dealt with the rest of his central units and he got charged by the Primes horde in the front and Ancients on Rhinosaurs in the rear.

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