Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

A skirmish on the edge of Rhyn Dufaris

VS Forces of the Abyss
Ian Davies

A Skirmish On The Edge Of Rhyn Dufaris

I deployed my entire force on the left flank except for a single Lekelidon on my near-right as a speed bump for his left flank. The FE's sat on the wings of the Primes horde with the Herald and Mage-Priest behind, creating a solid battle group. The Forces of the Abyss were evenly spread across his deployment area, with an Abyssal Guard regiment, Lower Abyssals horde and Abyssal hero against my strong left flank, and two troops of Succubi with an Efreet facing my lone Lekelidon.

In an attempt to make my strong flank count before he could reposition, I moved forward very aggressively from the off. Unfortunately in his first turn the Lekelidon bit the dust from a lucky rout roll (10) and his succubi started to wrap around my right. Turn two and next bit of bad luck - I looked to move and surge my nimble Fire Elementals out of the charge arc of his Abyssal Guard, but failed by 1" and got charged in the flank. My luck turned though, and he only caused 4 wounds. The rest of the battle was tit for tat with charges going both ways, but the Fire Elementals having nimble gave me better manoeuvrability in the tight space and therefore the upper hand.

While one unit of Fire Elementals was routed, the other survived and the Primes horde had only suffered 5 wounds. All in all a good outing for the Salamanders!

The endgame shot

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