Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Scour the Land

2000+ POINTS
Forces of Basilea
VS The Empire of Dust
Os'si the Undefeated

2000pts Scour, as the Empire of Dust forces under pharaoh Os'si attempt to stop the Basileans under Exarch Belisarian from securing more supplies.

The hot desert wind threw sand across the battlefield as the phalanx of Basilean infantry marched on, their red-on-blue standards dulled to shades of sepia by the swirling sands. Somewhere in the dust the Knights rode on the wing, and the angelic forms of the soaring Elohi were barely visible, riding the breeze above the dust clouds.

"Sergeant, form a line between those hills there, the dust is blowing over soon and we are nearly at the farmstead. Set to securing the granaries once we clear the area", exarch Belisarian shouted over the wind. Without glancing up, Sergeant Selleckion thumped his chest with his fist, a salute and acknowledgement unified in one motion.

And blow over the dust did, revealing the Basilean task force arrayed for battle. On the wings cavalry thundered towards the farmstead, Elohi swooped low and Crossbowmen hastened to form up to support the advance of the infantry. And as the sands fell, the coldness of that hostile land was revealed..


Blood stained the sand, reanimated bones snapped and eldritch magics cracked back and forth, but the Basileans were halted, but not driven off. That battle would be fought another day.

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