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Finale Battle at the Edge

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VS Forces of the Abyss

This battle is fought using the “Final Battle” in the back of the Edge of the Abyss book. The report will be broken apart to 6 different reports for reporting purposes. Each pair of enemies will report and link 1/3 of the game.
The Following reports will be as follows.
Brotherhood vs Empire of Dust: https://edgeoftheabyss.warconsole.com/battles/paladin314-vs-chris-1506552048
Trident Realms vs Goblins: Coming Soon
Elves vs Forces of the Abyss This Report
A few notes on changes: We changed the size of the game to 1,500 per person, and the table was 12x4. Deployment went on pair at a time. And each team took their turn at the same time to speed up the game. The total score was added up per side, and divided out equally between all the members, to make reporting easier.

For my part of the report, it was an exciting time, 3 armies of good vs 3 armies of evil. The 3 armies on the side of good met briefly before the battle to plan out our army lists and strategize a plan of attack. My elf army was to serve as the long range support to try and take out my opponents from a distance and create openings for the slower melee fights to come in from the side.

Like most plans, this one fell through pretty quickly and it turned into a more ore less straight up brawl on my corner of the map with neither myself or my opponent really able to assist our respective allies until the end.

That said, I was very happy with some of the tactics I employed to keep my opponent focused on me. I had gotten some tips from our seasoned player (Brotherhood) but a lot of it was the rules and mechanics finally starting to click with how best to use certain units. It helped that my dice helped out initially (meaning I rolled average) but they did start tapering off near the end (which left a pesky ifrit sitting behind my troops with giant fireballs every turn)

The battle was very close except with an unfortunate round 7 for the forces of good. We'd been holding on, but almost half of my army got wiped out in the last 2 turns (250+ points in that round 7 alone). It also left me with no troops in range when it came back to our side.

Had a lot of fun and learned a lot more effective means of employing my troops. Sorry that I couldn't contribute more to the side of good, but I can't wait to play more!

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