Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Dwarves vs Empire of Dust

2000+ POINTS
VS The Empire of Dust

Dwarves left to right:
Horde of Bulwarkers with Brew of Strength and mastiffs; ASB with Griffon Banner behind
Battle driller
Two regiments of ironclad with mastiffs; Horde of Ironwatch with Jar of the Four Winds behind
ASB with Lute of Insatiable Darkness
Horde of Shieldbreakers with Brew of Sharpness and mastiffs
Battle driller
Two regiments of Herneas' Rangers, one with Heartpiercing and one with Chant of Hate
King with Wings of Honeymaze

Used Herneas' Hunting Party and Wall of Iron formations

Empire of Dust left to right:
Regiment of Chariots
Troop of Archer
Regiment of Dunestalker Revenants with Dunestalker Cursed High Priest behind
Horde of Enslaved Guardians
Bone Giant
Regiment of Dunestalker Revenants with Curse High Priest with heal behind; one balefire catapult further back
Horde of Dunestalker Spearmen with Horde of Archers behind
Ahmunite Pharaoh on Chariot with Darklord's Onyx Ring
Two Balefire Catapults
Regiment of Restless Souls with Revenant Champion behind
Troop of Archers
(Regiment of Scavengers is deployed over here Turn 2, when I noticed they were missing and told Baldarov to deploy them wherever he wanted them)

Used Ahmunite Deadeyes and The Dunestalkers formations

First picture is after turn 1, in which the Restless Souls were routed by shooting.

Vanguards by Herneas', his Rangers, Banick and Craggoth to move up slightly. Baldarov Vanguarded his Dunestalker units forward - two Revenants, Spearmen and Cursed High Priest.

Turn 1 - Baldarov went first and moved up some. 3 points of damage to Shield Breakers from Balefires.

Ironwatch, one Ranger regiment and Herneas did enough wounds to kill the Restless souls. Regiment of Rangers did 3 wounds to one Balefire. One Ironclad regiment threw mastiffs at Skeletal Spearmen and did 2 wounds. All units except Rangers and Ironwatch moved forward.

Turn 2 - Skeletal Archer Horde did 4 wounds to Ironclad regiment, Iron Resolve 1 back.

King with Wings charged closest Balefire and routed it. Herneas and one regiment of Rangers fired into the damage Balefire and routed it. Shieldbreakers threw mastiffs at Spearmen Horde, along with Second Ranger Regiment and Ironwatch Horde shooting into it for 10 more damage to 12. Regiment of Ironclad and Horde of Bulwarkers threw mastiffs at Enslaved Guardians for 3 damage. Craggoth and Banick charged Regiment of Revenants and did around 5-7 wounds.

Turn 3
Revenant champion and Scavenger Regiment Charged King and did 3 wounds, Iron Resolve 1 back. Skeletal Archer Horde shot Ironclad for 3 wounds, Iron Resolve 1 back. Skeletal Archer troop shot right Ranger regiment for 1 wound. Revenant Regiment hindered charged left Ironclad Regiment and did 2 wounds, Iron Resolve 1 back. Bone Giant and Enslaved Guardian Horde charged Bulwarkers and did 10 damage, Iron Resolve 1 back. Revenant Regiment counter charged Banick and did 4 wounds.

King charged last Balefire catapult and routed it. Herneas and 1 Ranger Regiment shot Savenger Regiment and routed it. Shieldbreakers charged Skeletal Spearmen and routed them. Ironwatch Horde and second Ranger Regiment shot Skeltal Archers for 9 wounds. Ironclad regiment counter charged Revenant regiment and bounced. Battle driller charged Bone Giant and did 1 wound. Bulwarkers (BC'd) counter charged the Enslaved Guardian horde and routed them. Craggoth and Banick charged/counter charged the second Revenant Regiment and routed them.

Turn 4
Ahmunite Pharaoh hindered charged a Ranger Regiment, doing 4 wounds (to 5). Revenant regiment charged battle driller doing 2 wounds. Bone Giant charged Bulwarker Horde for 4 more wounds (to 13), Iron Resolve 1. Chariot Regiment charged Craggoth, but bounced.

King advanced on Skeletal Archer troop. Ranger Regiments and Battle driller routed Ahmunite Pharaoh on chariot on hindered charges/counter charge. Herneas routed Skeletal Archer troop with shooting. Ironwatch horde routed Skeletal Archer horde with shooting. Battle Driller and Ironclad regiment front charged/counter charged Revenant Regiment for 5 wounds. Banick and Bulwarker Horde routed Bone Giant.

At this point we were ready to call the game, but Baldarov took his turn 5 first and routed a battle driller with the Revenant Regiment.

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