Edge of the Abyss

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Brotherhood Cleanse the Forest

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Kingdoms of Men
VS Abyssal Dwarfs

The Gallant Brotherhood Thwart the Nefarious Plans of Evil

A roving band of human slaves owned by the insidious Abyssal Dwarf commander Doppelganger beset upon a quiet village on the outskirts of the Forest of Galahir. Thankfully, a roaming patrol of The Brotherhood caught wind of the nefarious presence and moved to intercept them.


Mission: Scour
The brotherhood deployed their cavalry on the right flank to counter the massive cavalry presence of the raiders. They deployed their infantry in the center where they had room to maneuver against the hordes of infantry far to our left. They anchored their left flank with a beast with ensnare in the woods on top of one of the objectives.

End of Turn 1

Turn 1:
The raiders took the 1st turn and cautiously advanced with their cavalry on my right flank making sure to stay out of range of my Pegasus knights while moving up some of their militia to intercept my knights. The massive infantry blocks on my far left started advancing and his archers took a few pot shots at my men.
On my turn my scouts moved up to block off any maneuver the horde of cavalry had while moving my cavalry forward to be able to charge his troops at leisure next turn. The infantry advanced slowly, hoping to delay engagement as long as possible to give the cavalry time to turn the right flank and assist them. The stayed just out of archer range.

End of Turn 2

Turn 2:
The horde of bandit knights killed the scouts while his infantry moved up from behind ready to engage/flank whatever charged his horde of knights. The rest of the army continued to slowly advance through the woods and the shooting remained ineffectual.
The knights of the brotherhood, the general, and the Pegasus Knights were all able to maneuver around the militia screen in order to triple charge the horde of knights and run them down in a single hit (on the backs of some slightly above average rolls, slightly below average rolls would have resulted in a very bad result). The rest of my line started to advance in earnest while Swain and his rangers finished off a regiment of archers they'd been in a duel with.

End of Turn 3

Turn 3: On my right, the heavy infantry engaged my Pegasus Knights while in the center the militia ventured forth trying to bait my infantry with some unfavorable charges. His general flew over my main line and turned to face it's rear. The shooting was starting to add up for my infantry.
On my turn I continued to advance my infantry PAST the objectives while still not engaging his militia. I did this to keep my infantry on line with each other and not expose any flanks. My knights engaged his spear men in the field, but thank to pathfinder I was still able to deal 8 wounds and waiver them (3+ hit, 4+ wound on 20 attacks). My hero attacked his general and was able to score a single wound and ground the modest flyer.

End of Turn 4

Turn 4:
The enemy general, despite losing fly, was able to charge the rear of my beast while his pole arm block charged my left unit of spears and his heavy infantry charged my right unit of spears. His spear men sat tight in the field wavering while his big block of archers turned to face my right flank where my flyers were moving up. His second big block of pole arms was "stuck" in the woods holding the objective with no room to maneuver around all of the troops built up there. His general bounced off of my beast in the woods and his pole arms bounced off of my spear men on the left thanks to the inspiring presence of my banner. The heavy infantry wavered my spear men on the right (the unit NOT with the dwarven ale).
On my turn my Pegasus knights finished off his heavy infantry and made ready to swoop over to the center of the field. My Redemption Knights finished off the spear men in the field finished while my knights of the brotherhood maneuvered behind the spear men ready to counter any breakthrough by the enemy infantry. My spear men on the right sat tight being wavered and my spear men on the left in turn wavered the pole arm horde in front of them thanks to the extra strength garnered to them by the lute. My best managed to waiver the general behind him on the counter-charge (VERY lucky). My general bounced off the the archers only causing 3 wounds but stopping them from further shooting.

Turn 5:
My opponent finished off my spear men on the right with his heavy infantry and failed to cause a wound on my general with the counterattack of the archers. His militia managed to waiver my beast with 3 wounds and his pole arm block sat tight being wavered in front of my spear men on the left.
I was able to char my Pegasus Knights into wizard while my redemption knights and my general killed the archers. My knights of the Brotherhood killed the heavy infantry that had just killed my spear men while my living spear unit finished off his pole arm block.

At this point with only a handful of units alive, the honor-less slaves of the Abyssal Dwarfs slinked away from the field to lick their wounds. The day was won!!!

The Brotherhood!!!!!

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