Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Tuesday 19.9.2017

2000+ POINTS
The Empire of Dust
VS The League of Rhordia

The opponent deployed his shooting battery of three volley guns in a large forest on the left side. It was supported by a battle shrine and he also had the iron beast and flying hero nearby. In the middle he placed two hordes of spearmen and put his cavalry and house guard regiments on the right flank. On the left flank spreading to the middle of the board I have had a bone giant hidden behind a rock, horde of bows in a difficult terrain next to the rock, then bows troop that shielded the Restless Souls of the Raia. This battle group was supported by the monolith put more centrally (about 6" ahead of my deployment zone), the standard bearer with bane chant and a priest. From a center to the right flank I put the horde of revenants, the second troop of bows, bone giant, cavalry and chariots.

In the first round the opponent concentrated his shooting on the monolith and managed to kill it off. The central hordes of spearmen advanced just a bit while the cavalry and house militia moved ahead on the right flank. Unfortunately, during the whole game my shooting was not able to kill even one of opponent's volley guns, although I managed to put some 7-8 wounds on one of them. During the next two round I lost the horde of bows to his shooting while I advanced against his group there along the left flank with a bone giant. It charged his iron beast in the 3rd round, took some shooting in the 4th, charged and killed one volley gun and fell down to incredibly lucky rolls on opponents shooting (the giant was in a forest and only one volley gun could see it but the combined ranged attacks from the iron beast and shrine added 8 wounds).

Fortunately, the battle in the center and on the right flank went in my favor. There, the opponent advanced with his force taking some minor shooting damage from my chariots, troop of bows, Arkhanten and the revenant champion (with a boomstick). In the second sound I charged in killing one infantry regiment and blocking other opponent's units with the cavalry regiment and chariots charges against his two cavalry regiments. Both, the chariots (they were a bit unlucky) and the skeleton cavalry (double charged) went to dust next round. Though, their sacrifice allowed me to regroup and kill off the more central cavalry with a surged charge of my Bone giant into the cavalry flank. The other cavalry unit got blocked by a charge of my troop of bows. The little bowmen turned out to be heroes as it took the opponent 3 rounds to get rid of them and by that time I cleared completely the center including the flying hero that my opponent sent there to face the bone giant. Finally, in the 6th round I managed to kill the opponent's cavalry unit that was the last one standing on the right flank. When the dust settled after the 6th round it was apparent that The Dust army has won the battle.

round 1 a
round 1 b
round 2 a
round 3 a

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The Empire of Dust


  • Bloodwild says:

    Nice win! Well done.

  • Eddie Hotep says:

    Nice armies.

  • AlQuds says:

    Added the opponent army list and finalized the report.

  • AlQuds says:

    Thanks for the comments. On the Lit Wick’s one – I am not sure I understand what exactly do you mean. I just used the interface here to upload the pictures to the report. Is there some other way to upload them and place them differently. They are tagged just with a round number and a letter to differentiate pictures from the same round. Next time I may take more pictures, I just though one should submit only 3 of them but apparently more are allowed which I found only after registering to the site.

  • Lit Wick says:

    Well-painted armies! Minor suggestion: maybe caption the pictures with narrative events instead of posting them at the start of the report? This is obviously a suggestive piece of advice – I prefer it that way, but you might completely disagree!

  • Alphie says:

    NO Rhordia :(. We shouldn’t loose against mummies. Good Job Empire of Dust.

  • ChopperHarris says:

    BUT Rhordia still rules!
    – sorry for the typo.

  • ChopperHarris says:

    Nice Photos. Both armies look good.
    Congrats on the win AlQuds.
    Bur Rhordia still rules!