Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Undeminion of the Glades

2000+ POINTS
VS Kingdoms of Men


This battle was part of the Kings of War International Campagin Day. It corresponds to scenario 1C, but played at 2000 points as we started early. The objective was to control the most scenery at the end of the game.

In addition to the uploaded lists my opponent have a special General with +1 to his Defense, Elite, Vicious and Flame breath. I have a Lycanis with +1 to its Defense, +1 to its Speed, +1 to its Nerve and Headstrong.


"The Undead faces again an army of mortal men. Last time it was a great source of good corpses. Now the humans must fight against their dead comrades turned into zombies. It will be a good fight for the Undead".

The Kingdoms of Men deployed, from left to right, front to back: Knights Reg., Siege Artillery on the back, Wizard on horse on the back, Knights Reg., special General Commander on the back, Shield Wall Troop, Shield Wall Troop, Foot Guard on the back, Shield Wall Troop, Heavy Pike Block Horde, Spear Phalanx Reg., Wizard on the back, Siege Artillery, Arquebusiers Horde, Army Standard Bearer on the back, Shield Wall Troop.

The Undead deployed from left to right, front to back: special Lycanis Commander, Wraiths Reg., Liche King on horse, Zombies Reg., Revenants Horde, Wights Horde on the back, Liche King on horse, Zombies Reg., Lycanis and 2 Werewolves Hordes.

I was planning to take the 3 sceneries on the left: lagoon, hill and forest, while I expected to conserve my own forest or at least dispute the rest of the scenery.

Turn 1

The Kingdoms of Man took the first turn. They advance on the left and shoot the Revenants Horde.

In the first Undead turn, I rushed the Werewolves forward, but keeping them behind the hill for coberture and in charge range. On the left, I prepare to slow down that flank. In the center, the Revenants were completely healed and advance.

Turn 2

The mortals keep advancing on the left side, using the Shield Wall Troops, to avoid direct charges. They keep shooting on the Revenants.

"Deads for the Undeads."

I charge my Wraiths against the Foot Guard Horde using Surge, while positioned my Lycanis Commander to avoid a bad charge on their back, but only did a few wounds. On the center things keep advancing. On the left I charge with the Werewolves and destroyed the Shield Wall Troop, Arquebusiers holded.

Turn 3

On the left the Knights keep advancing through the forest. The Foot Guard counter charged my Wraiths almost routing them and the Arquebusiers counter charge the Lycanis with little effect.

My Wraiths keep adding wounds to the Foot Guard. Meanwhile, my Wights change their facing, preparing to receive eventually the Knights. The Revenants advanced and the Werewolves finished the Arquebusiers.

Turn 4

On turn 4, the Foot Guard destroyed the Wraiths and the units on the left keep advancing a little.

The Zombies Reg. then charge a Shield Wall Troop but fail to rout them, the Werewolves charged at the flank of the Shield Wall Troop in the center, routing them, and the Revenants charge the Spear Phalanx, which holded.

Turn 5

The Shield Wall Troop destroyed the Zombies and my werewolves receive a beating from the Pikes, but holded.

The Wights rout the Shield Wall Troop. The fights contiuned on the mortals deploy zone and the special Lycanis Commander sacrified himself to protect the flank of the Werewolves from the Foot Guard. Meanwhile, the Werewolves were massively healed by the Liche Kings.

Turn 6

The Kingdoms of Men army tried but failed to rout the Werewolves and the Wights. But they killed the heroic Lycanis.

On my last turn I just moved the Wights to the side and advance a little with the Werewolves on the right.

When the battle finishes, my opponent controls the forest on the left and the rocks and I have control of the other 5 pieces of scenery. An overwhelming victory for the Undead.

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