Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Korgaan is no good

VS The Varangur


This battle was part of the Kings of War International Campagin Day. It corresponds to scenario 2C. The objective was to control the most of the 4 objectives around our freeze commanders, in order to augment the chances of winning, and in each turn the player who control more objetives had the higher chance to get a free spell on his next turn.


The 4 objectives were the blue markers (there is one behind the trees, next to the Liche King).

Varangur deployed from left to right, front to back: Tundra Wolves Troop, The Fallen Horde, Magus behind, Cave Trolls Horde, Sons of Korgaan Reg., Warband Horde, Magus behind, Cave Trolls Horde and Tundra Wolves Troop.

Undead deployed fron left to right, front to back: Wraiths Reg., Revenant Horde, Necromancer on horse behind, Liche King on horse, Lycanis, Barrow Wights and Werewolves Horde.

Turn 1

Varangur started advancing a little, with caution.

The Undead advanced more aggresively, using the Revenants to prepare a counter charge with the Wraiths (and forgetting that Varangur have one unit, one turn, +1 to movement as a ICD rule) if The Fallen charged. On the center the Lycanis advance a little, just enough to mantain the objective, but in position to support. The Barrow Wights advanced in order to reach the objective next turn. On the far right, the Werewolves prepared flanking charges.

Turn 2

The Fallen and the Cave Trolls charged the Revenants (damn free +1 to movement on the Trolls), but luckily they holded. On the right, everthing advanced a little.

The Revenants counter charge the Fallen, assisted by the Wraiths on its flank. The Werewolves use their Nimble to dodge the Tundra Wolves and charge the Cave Trolls in one flank, while the Barrow Wights Surge-charged the other.

When the combat ends, both The Fallen and Cave Trolls are running for their lives.

Turn 3

The Cave Trolls on the left charged the Revenants, destroying them. The Tundra Wolves on the left charged the Wraiths failing to do much and the Warband on the right charged the Barrow Wights, but they held. Meanwhile, the Sons of Korgaan advanced to the right.

On the Undead turn, the Wraiths killed the Tundra Wolves and the Barrow Wights and Werewolves double charged the Warband, but snake eyes are snake eyes...

Turn 4

Taking advantage of that last dice throwing, the Warband counter charged the Barrow Wights, assisted by the Tundra Wolves and destroyed them. The Sons of Korgaan charged the Werewolves but failed to rout them. On the left, the Cave Trolls turn around to face the Wraiths.

But the Wraiths had an ace hidden. With the just distance, they flew over the Cave Trolls and Surge-charged them on their back, routing them. On the right, the Lycanis charged the very wounded Warband, routing them alone. The Werewolves were wavered last turn, and now just pivot to force the Sons of Korgaan to make a charge through the forest.

Turn 5

The Sons of Korgaan destroyed the Werewolves anyway and the Lycanis runned toward one objective.

Turn 6

On the last turn, the Tundra Wolves went for the objective in my deploy zone, while the Sons of Korgaan took the right one. But my Wraiths double Surge-charged the Tundra Wolves and rout them.

So in the end I had 2 objectives controled and my opponent just 1. With an advantage in the final throw (according the rules for the ICD scenario) I win the battle when both of us rolled a 1.

A tight victory for the Undead.

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