Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Hold The Line!

2000+ POINTS
Forces of Nature
VS Forces of the Abyss
Dave Baker

Hold The Line!

Surrounded by flying demons
Guardians of Nature trying to hold off the demons from above

The Great Tree Guardian Springroot of the forest has been around for hundreds of years, and planned to live hundreds more. However no one expected the great chasm to open up to the Abyss. The Green Lady called upon all four elements of Nature itself, with its keepers, the trees, to hold the line from anything reaching out from the Abyss.
Bringing some of the tough, hard shelled placaderms from the ocean to fight alongside Springroot, the trees advanced upon the chasm. However what they didnt expect were the swarms of flying demons and tortured souls that erupted so quickly upon them. Surrounded by the tortured souls of fallen men, led by a banshee who was within what could only be described as a Well of Souls. Hard pressed, the trees began to splinter left and right. Shark riders rode upon the flank to counter this, but they too fell to the flying demons.
The allies of Springroot, the aquatic placaderms, held the line. But the demons avoided them at all cost. Surrounded by demons on all sides, soon only Springroot, his loyal winged unicorn, and his allies were all that stood upon the onslaught. But that wasn't enough, and soon the mighty oak Springroot was crushed on all sides with the battle line lost.
The demons continued their flight from the Abyss, barely slowed down from the few splinters embedded in their wings...

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Forces of the Abyss
Dave Baker