Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

It’s been a great start to the campaign over on Beasts of War this week. Combined with the battle reports we have already taken, you’ve now submitted more than 300 battles… which is an amazing achievement. However, despite getting off to a flying start, it appears the forces of Evil are floundering a little under the onslaught of the Green Lady. But all is not lost…

In the depths of the Abyss, drums can be heard. Their constant pounding rises from the awful chasm. The sound travels an unnatural distance, and creates a terrible rhythmic boom that can be heard across Mantica. This solemn sound strikes fear into the Forces of Good, while the Forces of Evil are spurred to greater feats of violence. The Abyss has not lost the war, yet.

Until midnight (in your timezone) on Sunday (September 10th), all Evil Forces taking part in the Edge of the Abyss campaign gain the Brutal special rule. This affects all Evil units that don’t already have the Brutal special rule.

So, for those of you fighting this weekend, remember to make sure the Evil forces apply this extra bonus.


  • Keef Ditchards says:

    @Corathan If evil wins I’m hoping for Nightstalker models/army.

  • berti says:

    Hmm. We participated on a tournament last weekend.
    Sadly I played dwarfs, and so I can´t report my battles without making a new account. (I am registered as goblin).
    I have 7 armies at home, and can´t choose which to play in the campain now. But ok, goblins will do it.

    Will see to do some games on coming weekend to report them here.

  • Corathan says:

    Side Note : Whats everyone hoping for if Evil does win? 😀

  • Corathan says:

    The army count as would work. I wish my area had more players (we have like, 2 evil players active and one has to drive more than an hour to show up)

  • Bloodwild says:

    Both valid points. As a work around in the spirit of the campaign a few local people are using their usual miniatures but counting them as another army to be able to pull off the good vs. evil. I.e Elf player playing as Twilight Kin (Nightstalkers).

  • Corathan says:

    Its supposed to be good vs evil. Its literally the whole point

  • Lyokos says:

    Not sure that’s a great idea. Some of us have small choices in opponents. We shouldn’t restrict peoples fun.

  • Corathan says:

    Neat change. But are there going to be any changes to stop people from submitting good v good or evil v evil games?