Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

We’ve had a great first day of the campaign on the Beasts of War site – thanks so much for all those who have sent in their battle reports so far. We’ll be sharing some of our favourites on the Mantic Blog in the days to come.

However, we just wanted to send out a quick update regarding some of the factions and how you should be uploading your battle reports.

The Brotherhood

If you’ve read the opening story for the Edge of the Abyss, you’ll know that the Brotherhood took a beating! These are the guys that defend the lands of Men against the Abyss. This meant that as the Abyss began to grow, their fortresses and castles were quickly swallowed up and their main forces have been scattered across Mantica. Without a main army, they’re now fighting alongside the Kingdoms of Men to defend the land against the Abyss. This means any battles featuring the Brotherhood during the summer campaign count as a victory or loss for the Kingdoms of Men. In short, the Brotherhood are still active but no longer have the strength in numbers they once had.

Jarvis’ Noble Undead

Another interesting faction in the Edge of the Abyss supplement is Jarvis and his band of undead soldiers. Jarvis is a mage that has become fascinated by an ancient race of necromancers called the Ophidians. The Ophidians aren’t necessarily bad and they simply use their powers to raise undead workers to build their homes/cities. Like the Ophidians, Jarvis isn’t an evil character and he’s reluctantly raising the dead to fight against the Abyss to defend the Kingdoms of Men. As such, this means any battles featuring Jarvis as the leader for an undead army count as a victory or loss for the Kingdoms of Men.

Twilight Kin

Finally, the Twilight Kin are an older faction from the original Kings of War rules that Mantic no longer produces miniatures for but their rules are available as a free download from the Mantic website. We’re currently reworking the background of the Twilight Kin, however their ‘fluff’ ties in very closely with the Nightstalkers. As such, this means any battles featuring the Twilight Kin count as a victory or loss for the Nightstalkers.

Hope that clears a few questions up!


  • Marwin says:

    This will quite severely break down statistics on some factions …

  • Bloodwild says:

    You have to register as Kingdoms of Men if using Jarvis.

  • erwik_jdr says:

    I have a question
    When play with Jarvis noble undead, can we still use Undead Faction in battle rapport? Or we have to choose Kingdoms of Men
    I thought it was automatic but from now I am not so sure
    I already submit two raports with a “good” undead army