Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

While starting a month long campaign may seem a daunting task, don’t fear. We have broken your goals down into digestible little bits from your first hours to your first weeks.

First Hours

Your first goals are going to be:

  • Head over to your faction’s tab and introduce yourself. Get to know the players you will be fighting alongside for the rest of the month. Use this campaign to forge new friendships and find people to play with even after it ends.
  • Have a read through the Edge of the Abyss Campaign book, which contains all the information about actually playing the campaign, along with new heroes and formations.
  • Look out over the current status of all the factions and fronts, discuss them with your own faction, and then pick a front to have your first battle on.
  • Reach out to your friends and gaming buddies and organise your first game.

First Days

In our experience, factions that keep spirits high and communicate with each other impact the campaign more and simply have more fun doing so. To ensure the best experience possible for your month, you should think about following these tips:

  • Upload your first battle with photos and details on the forces involved.
  • Share link of your battle reports to your factions so others can rate it and comment with tips and tricks to employ.
  • Read through other commanders’ battle reports. Rate them and add your own comments. Through doing so you will help yourself and them advance in rank.
    • If a commander did an exceptional job, consider awarding them a commendation by clicking the medal button.
    • Our sophisticated AI monitoring system will go through all comments and battle reports. Those who systematically provide unfavourable ratings will be asked to leave the campaign.
  • Assign leaders within your faction who will liaison with the other factions for your side (good or evil) and help coordinate your overall actions. They will help keep moral high and everyone motivated on the fight when it gets tough.
  • Keep a look out for news reports. The campaign may change over time depending on how things are going, so keep a look out for bonus rules and content.
  • If you encounter an issue during the campaign, either technical or with any other participant, please send a support request to [email protected] Provide as much detail as you can (username, links, screenshots etc.), since the more detail we have the quicker we will be able to resolve your issue.
  • Pace yourself. Don’t burn out.

Fog of War

As alluded to about, the campaign employs a sophisticated AI Historian to ensure all battle reports are honest. You see, in the confusing Fog of War, some reports that reach command are simply inaccurate while some contain specific details about what is happening at the front. The AI Historian ranks all battle reports based on their quality and usefulness to command.

Reports with a high quality rating will count more to the overall results than battles with low quality rating. Even detailed losses might earn enough points to be a marginal victory if detailed enough, as command can learn from the mistakes of the battle. Bare bones reports, however, provide command with next to no useful information and might even be considered little better than propaganda. No report, however, gets deleted or removed. They all count to some degree.

In order to get the most out of the campaign then, we recommend the following:

  • Include at least 150 words in your report
  • Include 3 pictures of the game
  • Rate other reports to ensure the accuracy of results

While none of these steps are required, the AI Historian will count those with such detail higher than those without it.

The most important thing to remember is that you are here to have fun. So go out, play a bunch of games, and enjoy yourselves. Also, you know, the fate of the world rests on your shoulders and all that. No pressure.


  • Corathan says:

    Because of the delay in the site going up, what are the chances for the campaign getting extended?

  • Uezguersmaster says:

    “No report, however, gets deleted or removed. They all count to some degree.”

    How much do all the ‘three picture reports’ count?